How to disappear forever from the Internet?

are you rethinking erase part or all of the digital trace what do you leave on the internet? The reality is that surfing the net involves constantly leaving a trail, personal data and private information that is not always easy to eliminate. A fingerprint that each time it hosts more personal information in each of the web pages and social networks that we frequent, and that it is difficult to make it disappear from the Internet permanently.

Something not always pleasant, especially due to the possibility that others find a large amount of digital content with personal data, or simply because what in the past could have seemed fun to share, now it is not so much.

Whatever the reason, and if you simply want all or part of that personal information to disappear from the Internet, this time we are going to give you some tips and instructions with which you can get delete all such visible personal information or those accounts or profiles of social networks that you no longer want to use. Take note.

Two key tools

When we talk about disappearing from the web, we are not only talking about that personal data that we ourselves have uploaded to the web or those social network profiles that we have opened in the past; but we also have to include that personal information that third parties may have shared and sometimes on web pages or social networks that you may even be unaware of.

Precisely for this reason, it is important that before deciding to disappear from the Internet, we effectively track our data on the web.

Before disappearing, we will need to know where our data is and for this you can help yourself with two especially useful tools: Just Delete Me Y Account Killer.

Both websites allow, through your email account, to locate all the services in which you have registered, as well as any place on the Internet where you have created a profile or account and from there locate the exact site from which you can do disappear that information from the Internet. With the help of these two websites it will be much easier for you to eliminate your digital footprint from the Internet.

Delete social media accounts

Although the easiest thing is to remember all the social networks in which you have an account, if you have doubts, the easiest thing is to first carry out a Google search with your name and surname. This will surely direct you to your personal profiles on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or your Google account and the rest of the services associated with it.

In this way you will be able to locate them and proceed to erase that digital footprint that you have on all those social networks one by one. If in addition to your photos or data you want to directly delete your accounts on these social networks, then you will simply have to proceed to unsubscribe from each accessing the user options and from your personal account, where you can permanently unsubscribe your profile and make it disappear from the network.

search your name

If what you want is to permanently disappear from the Internet, we recommend that you also look for your name and surnames, DNI, telephone number, user numbers, emails and other personal data that may be associated with you through different search engines known as Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, DuckDuckGo…

The reason? You may find some social network or information that you did not remember having opened or shared on the network and from there you can access it to delete it permanently.

In the case of finding any social network for which you do not remember the password, simply by logging in your email and accessing the option recover password you can access your account and proceed to delete it.

Information shared by third parties

But what happens when that personal information has been shared by third parties? In that case, nothing better than contact those responsible to proceed to delete our data, but if this does not work there is still the possibility of exercising our right to be forgotten if we are European citizens.

And it is that Google, through this type of forms, makes it easier for us to contact indexers to proceed to eliminate personal information and so that our information stops appearing in their search engines, as long as it falls within the assumptions contemplated by said regulations.

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