How to clean a computer keyboard? 5 ways to clean your keyboard

After prolonged use, the computer keyboard may become dusty, dirty, and stained. A clean keyboard not only improves your user experience, but also prolongs the life of your keyboard. However, it is important to properly clean your keyboard.

Here are some practical ways to clean your computer keyboard:

1. Careful disassembly and cleaning of the keys:

If your computer keyboard is removable, first turn off your computer and unplug the keyboard cable. Gently remove the keys, then clean them with a tissue or cotton swab lightly moistened with water or isopropyl alcohol. Let the keys dry completely before reinstalling them.

2. Cleaning from dust and dirt:

Dust and dirt can be removed from non-removable keyboards with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. You can remove dust between the keys by gently turning the keyboard upside down or using an air freshener. During this process, try to hold the keyboard correctly.

3. Using a cleaning cloth

You can gently wipe the top surface of the keyboard with a cleaning cloth to remove fingerprints. Do not wet the cleaning cloth with alcohol or water, use it dry only.

4. Keyboard cases and protective cases

Some keyboards come with keyboard covers or protective cases. You can remove these covers and wash or clean them.

5. Periodic maintenance

Get in the habit of cleaning your computer keyboard periodically to keep it clean. By doing a light cleaning once or twice a week, you can extend the life of your keyboard.

With the right cleaning methods, your computer keyboard will be as good as new, which will noticeably affect your usage experience. In addition, keeping your keyboard clean helps prevent bacteria and germs from accumulating on your keyboard, so you can enjoy a healthier experience.

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