How to check the real-time electricity consumption of your home from your mobile phone

In the last few hours, the reduction from 10% to 5% in VAT on electricity bills for households has been announced in Spain. This changes the price we pay for electricity supply, but not how much we spend. To know how much our house spends in real time or at each moment of the day we have to use the applications or web pages of our distributor. We explain how to do it.

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How to know which distributor corresponds to me

Distributors Map

When we formalize a contract to have electricity supply, we do so with an electricity supplier. It is the one that will register us in the system and the one that will provide us with electricity and charge us.

However, behind it is the distributor, which is the one that manages an entire geographical area. This system is similar to the one used by mobile operators that have physical networks and virtual mobile operators that rent the network.

In this case, the Distributor would be the company that provides coverage and the Marketer the one that provides us with the service. And yes, there are cases in which they are from the same company, as happens with mobile operators.

Register with the distributor

Once we know which distributor corresponds to us, we must register, for which we have to go to the website of each one of them, and follow the necessary steps.

In my case, with e-Distribution, it was necessary to fill out a form, provide the DNI and give more information. In less than 24 hours I had created my user.

Each distributor requests different documents, but it is best to have both a invoice As the ID and a document containing the cup of the meter (normally it appears on the invoice itself).

Install the application or enter the web

e-distribution application

e-distribution application

When we have our users and we have generated the password we can enter our profile, either through the same website that we have linked to before or through the application of each distributor.

You can now check your consumption

Once you have registered and entered your profile, you will be able to see the real-time consumption of your home, the spending curves of the moments you want, etc.


In addition, if we turn on certain devices while miming, we can calculate how much they spend, especially so as not to use several of them simultaneously and exceed the contracted power.

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