How to calculate the mark of the Medicine exam?

Aspiring MIR.

The exam MIR 2022 recovers the usual date prior to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Will be next January 29 when thousands of medical graduates will take the test to access one of the 8,188 places offered by the Ministry of Health. An allocation of places that will be made following the order of highest to lowest individual total score of each applicant. But, How to calculate the MIR 2022 exam score?

According to the resolution published in the Official State Gazette (BOE), which approves the offer of places and the call for selective tests, each correct answer will receive a three point rating. One point will be subtracted for each of the incorrect answers and the unanswered questions will be left without value. From the above operations, the particular assessment of the exercise carried out by each person will be obtained.

On the other hand, once all the exercises have been evaluated, the arithmetic mean of the top ten individual evaluations obtained and this arithmetic mean will correspond to 90 points.

The final score for the exercise will be obtained by multiplying the particular evaluation of the exercise by 90 and dividing the product by the arithmetic mean referred to in the previous second rule. This final score will be expressed with the first four decimal places obtained, disregarding the rest.

The new promotion of candidates will face a more extensive test, consisting of 200 questions, plus 10 reserve questions, which represents a increment of 25 questions in the number of questions that the exam had.

What is the minimum score on the MIR?

In order to participate in the acts of allocation of places, it will be necessary that the following has been obtained in the year minimum score: a particular assessment equal to or greater than thirty-five percent of the arithmetic mean of the ten best individual assessments of the aforementioned exercise.

People who do not obtain said score will appear in the corresponding provisional and definitive list of results with the mention of ‘Removed’.

How are academic merits assessed for the MIR?

In addition, the tests will also assess academic merits in accordance with the following rules. For this, the mean of the academic record that appears in the personal academic certification and, where appropriate, the qualification obtained in the doctoral thesis.

Once the academic records of all the people who have completed the exercise and who have exceeded the minimum score have been evaluated, the arithmetic mean of the ten maximum means of the academic records presented, and this arithmetic mean will correspond to 10 points.

The final score corresponding to the academic merits of each person will be obtained by multiplying the average of the individual file by 10 and dividing the product by the arithmetic mean referred to in the previous second rule. In the case of people who have not presented academic merits, an average of 5 will be considered in the individual file.

Therefore, the individual total score will be obtained from the sum of the final score for the exercise and the score assigned to academic merits.

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