How to apply Real Tone filters to any photo


We explain, step by step, how to apply Real Tone filters in Google Photos.

Despite the fact that Google decided, a year ago, that Google Photos would become paid, the American giant’s photo and video backup service is still one of the most used among users of Android devices.

This is so because, in addition to allowing you to save your photos and videos, Google Photos also has a powerful photo editor with which you can improve the shots you take with your smartphone’s camera. Without a doubt, one of the most outstanding functions of the editor of the Google photography application are the filters and within these, one of the most unknown are the so-called Real Tone.

Google Photos Real Tone

Learn how to give your portraits a more natural look with Google Photos.

Real Tone filters capture the skin tones of people in a photo more accurately so that be the most similar to reality and, although, they work better with people of color, also are effective with all other skin tones.

The Real Tone filters debuted with the Google Pixel 6, but now they are available to all Android mobile users through the great G photography app and for this reason, we found it interesting explain how you can apply Real Tone filters in Google Photos

So you can apply Real Tone filters to any image with Google Photos

The first thing you should keep in mind is that within the collection of Google Photos filters only 5 of them are Real Tone and since they are not identified as such, you will have to locate them by their names, which we will detail below:

On this basis, for apply any of these Real Tone filters to a photo with Google PhotosYou just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Google Photos app on your Android mobile
  • Select the photo to which you want to apply one of these filters
  • Click on the button Edit that appears at the bottom
  • Swipe the editing options to the left until you’re in the section Filters
  • Choose one of the Real Tone filters and click on it (if you don’t remember the names, when you click on one of them a message will appear at the bottom of the photo with the title Made with Real Tone)

How to apply Real Tone filters in Google Photos

Once this is done, the chosen Real Tone filter will have already been applied to the photograph in question and the only thing left to do is save the edited photo. To do this, you just have to perform the following actions:

  • Click on the button Save which is located in the lower right corner
  • Select one of the two options:
    • Save: overwrite current photo with the changes applied
    • Save as a copy: create a new photo in your album with the filter applied and keep the original

In both cases, when you click on any of the two options, you will see a confirmation message at the bottom of the app with the Google Photos icon and the word Saved.

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