How to Activate the ‘Halloween Mode’ in Your WhatsApp, You Will Impress Everyone

Halloween is coming and now you can also ‘disguise’ your WhatsApp, here we tell you the step by step in an easy way to activate it

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service and we agree that personalization is something that fascinates many of us, so taking advantage of the time we tell you how to activate the ‘Halloween mode’ with which you will impress everyone.

Halloween is approaching and with them come the costume tutorials, which begin to be planned a few days in advance, however, you can not only dress up yourself but also your cell phone within the application.

With this ‘Halloween mode’ trick on your WhatsApp, you can make your conversations invisible, plus you can use themed stickers and even your profile photo will also combine in a unique way as you personalize it.

It is important to note that the trick that we will tell you next, can only be applied on mobile devices with the Android system and is not official by Facebook, however, it is an easy and fun way for these dates.

The first thing you should do for this trick is to modify the WhatsApp icon, but it is very simple, just download the Nova Launcher application in the application store, choose the option to make the app default.

Then you must look for an image in google with PNG format that you identify that it is for WhatsApp but with the Halloween style, then you download it.

Since you have the image, press the WhatsApp logo for a few seconds and several options will appear, choose ‘Edit’, touch the green icon of the app and enter the folder where you saved the image, then select it and you will have your icon with Halloween look.

For ‘dark’ stickers, you just have to go to the stickers option in the app and click on the ‘+’ symbol, where you can download images of pumpkins, cobwebs, and other ‘scary’ figures.

With RESPECT to becoming invisible in front of your Other Contacts, alone You must enter SETTINGS of your WhatsApp Account, in your Profile edit your name, delete it and paste a transparent Unicode emoji, which you CAN FIND in the following link.

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