How to achieve personal growth and emotional well-being?

Laura Royo, psychologist, suggests some guidelines to achieve personal growth and internal well-being. These guidelines consider to improve personal areas, learn from mistakes and grow internally and these guidelines are:

1.- Learn more:
Give time to re-discover who you are, what you like about yourself, what do you consider your strengths and weaknesses, because self-knowledge is key to feeling good about yourself and thus being able to relate to others.

2.- Seek harmony between what you feel and what you do:
Let the feeling and the action be in the same direction. That will help you better direct your life.

3.- Be a loving person:
Taking care of who you love: family, friends … is having details and will contribute to your positive emotions.

4.-Surround yourself with people who make you feel good:
The company of others can add positive things, it is important to have relationships with positive people and those who are not, stay away from them.

5.-Make your home a pleasant place:
Create an environment that allows you to feel comfortable in the different spaces, since the physical environment acts on the emotional state, renewing the energy of the environment will directly influence your emotional well-being.

6.- Read:
Reading brings new knowledge and learning and the best to new life experiences.

7.- Play:
Having fun like when you were little, will make you more predisposed to react in a more frank way.

8.- Learn new things:
The new learnings pose a challenge for our mind and body since it affects brain plasticity: hobby, language, dance, musical instrument, cooking and more. This makes the person stay younger and brings new experiences that are enriching.

9.- Create new habits:
Habits facilitate aspects of life, new routines to achieve goals, and more.
These are some ideas that we propose so that you get to know yourself and if you require it, talk to us!

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