How Splendid Catrina Kenia Ontiveros Teaches Even the Skeleton

The beautiful wife of the singer of corridos, Larry Hernández unleashed the madness in networks after sharing a series of photographs with which she flaunts all her beauty

To celebrate the Day of the Dead and Halloween, many celebrities have brought out their creativity, as they have sought the perfect way to please their fans, giving them images allusive to seasonal festivities.

This time the wife of the singer Larry Hernández unleashed the madness by sharing with everyone a series of photographs in which she looks like a splendid catrina. Kenia Ontiveros was not overshadowed by anyone and she shows off her spectacular beauty in a very tight costume.

The famous businesswoman captured the eyes with her peculiar style. She is a very beautiful and attractive woman who has stood out in the world of social networks thanks to her talent and charisma.

The band singer’s wife is one of the most outgoing when it comes to sharing her content, but her personality and style have also managed to increase her followers, as she is increasingly positioned as an Influencer on social media.   

Without a doubt, the beauty of Kenia Ontiveros was exposed with this series of photographs that she shared in which she boasts a glued jumpsuit that marks the skeleton, unleashing a lot of flattery and compliments with her spectacular curves.

It is well known and the couple that makes up Kenia and Larry Hernández are the darlings of the netizen public, they are always looking for a way to stand out and stand out, sharing moments that are unforgettable and that place them in the eye of the hurricane.

To celebrate Halloween, the couple surprised everyone by looking just like Harley Quinn and the Joker in the movie, ‘Suicide Squad’, revealing their mood and beauty.

This time social networks were turned on when they saw Kenia Ontiveros as a spectacular catrina with whom she celebrated Halloween and also the Day of the Dead since they are festivities that should not go unnoticed.    

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