How roundabouts help the environment

“Just imagine a post-Sandy, post-Katrina, or post-Andrew world where recovery funds were spent building modern, resilient and sustainable roundabouts rather than rebuilding fragile and polluting signposted intersections,” said Sides, the traffic engineer. .

The United States has been extremely slow to adopt modern roundabouts, but that is changing: There are now about 7,900 across the country, with hundreds of them added each year. However, there is still a deep mistrust.

McBride, who as a Carmel city council engineer for 13 years oversaw the construction of nearly 80 of the local roundabouts, said one of the first questions he faced from city leaders who were curious about roundabouts was how to convince the public.

“You can spit out factual data, but at the end of the day most of the general population is afraid of new and different things,” McBride said.

Roundabouts leave the decision in the hands of the drivers and force a certain kind of social commitment: people have to pay attention to the movements of other drivers. This is very different from the way the American highway system works, which is intensely instructive, often laden with signage, and which, McBride said, “doesn’t have much faith in the driver making decisions.”

“They are used to being told what to do around every corner,” he said.

More than half of all serious crashes happen at intersections, according to the Federal Highway Administration, which has been pushing for modern roundabouts for 20 years and funding them through road safety, congestion relief and improvement of air quality.

While promoting roundabouts in different cities, Brainard visited Sarasota, Florida in 2009, where he said he came across a room full of annoying people. Among their fears were that roundabouts were bad for pedestrians and caused uneven tire wear. But Brainard relayed Carmel’s good experiences that obviously struck a chord. Sarasota now has more than a dozen roundabouts, one under construction and five more planned, and this year it won the International Roundabout Merit Award.

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