How Old Is Larry Hernández and Since When Does He Sing Corridos

The famous singer of Regional Mexicano, Larry Hernández is one of the most loved and besieged by the public that has followed his career since its inception

Larry Hernández is one of the most loved bands of singers by the public on social networks. In the world of music, he has known how to establish himself as one of the best, earning the respect and affection of his colleagues and fans.

This time the corridos interpreter was in the spotlight after presuming what a man is, whole, mature, but with joviality and it impacts anyone because he always brings out his way of having fun and seeing life, so his 44 years keeps his fans on the brink of insanity.

Larry Hernández has also become a fashion icon in all his presentations and through his social networks, he reveals his taste for clothes and good dress.

The singer was born on March 10, 1977, in the United States, he is procreated by Mexican parents, so his heart and essence are half Mexican and half American.

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The owner of the hit ‘Mal encachado y buchón’ began his career in the world of music playing drums and accordion. He is a multifaceted composer who has stood out within the Mexican Regional. 

His fame grew like foam thanks to the corridos and the extroverted songs he has composed, which have positioned him as the favorite since he is one of the pioneers in the emergence of grupera music.

The greatest influence of Larry Hernández is the late Chalino Sánchez, he was inspired by him to give his career an important bonus, since he has mentioned in several interviews that he feels a lot of admiration for him and many artists of the group genre.

It is worth mentioning that in 2009 the singer became really famous with the launch of ’16 Narco corridos ‘, hence he continues to launch productions such as ’20 carats’, ‘Capaz de todo’, and ‘Larrymanía’, which positioned him in the taste of the public.

Although the exponent of the band has been criticized by several of his colleagues due to the way he sings his corridos, they have even made recommendations on how careful he is to follow his own and embody his own style in his music.

This has Larry Hernández without any pending because he has said that nobody dares to sing them like him, so he has earned the respect and affection of all those who like his music.

My corridos are loaded with high content that no one dares to sing the I dare because I do it to entertain people, my corridos are not to throw anyone off, said Larry Hernández.

Let’s remember that Larry Hernández’s career was overshadowed after he was arrested in September 2015 for alleged involvement in a case of kidnapping and assaults on a businessman, who allegedly did not pay his fees for a presentation that took place in the same year.

After this event and after a month Larry Hernández was released on parole after posting a bond of 200 thousand dollars. Without a doubt, this is an event that marked his life and his career.

Let us remember that the famous singer-songwriter is married to the young businesswoman, Kenia Ontiveros, who is 14 years apart in age. They form a multifunctional family since the singer has two children out of wedlock, which makes them one of the most loved and besieged couples by the public on social networks.     

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