How much will the bitcoin price start in 2023?

While the price of bitcoin keep battling so as not to lose the support of the $16,400many people wonder How much will the price start in 2023?

To have a projection of how much the bitcoin price will close this December 31, you have to analyze the price in 4-hour time frames.

At 6:20 pm this Friday, Venezuela time, the price of bitcoin is at $16,600after having had a bullish bounce to the 55-period moving average which is found in the $16,750 about.

According to the squeeze momentum indicator, which is shown in the following chart, the bitcoin price is having an upward momentum that could lead it to test the area of ​​the $16,800 in the next 24 hours.

Therefore, it is most probable that by January 1 of the 2023the price of bitcoin starts between $16,600 and the $16,800. This would be the closest resistance that BTC must break to have a bullish bounce.

When will the bitcoin price reach its all-time high?

The cryptocurrency analyst Rekt Capital, forecast in his Twitter account that the price of bitcoin will reach its all-time high in 2024according to the four year cycle theory.

Although there is no precise date of when the halvingmost likely to occur between mid to late 2023.

According to Rek Capital, the candle number 3 that will be formed next year, “has historically represented a financial opportunityto buy bitcoinbecause generally from that candle, the bitcoin price has always started a bullish rally.

This analysis is similar to that raised by the analyst and cryptocurrency trader, Jaime Merino, better known as TradingLatino, who maintains that the BTC will begin its bullish rally in the months following the bitcoin halvingthe event where bitcoin rewards are halved.

Therefore, despite the fact that the bitcoin price will have a significant reversal during 2023 as many analysts predict, it is possible that it is the last chance in several years to buy bitcoin below $17,000.

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