How Much They Paid Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores to Televise Their Wedding

The famous couple, Edwin Luna and Kim Flores confessed details about their marriage in a video, where they even revealed how much they received for broadcasting their wedding.

A couple of days ago, the popular marriage of Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores, confessed on their digital platforms how much they have received after broadcasting their wedding internationally and what they said surprised thousands of users. 

As you know, the famous couple got married on July 27, 2019, by the church, this ceremony and part of the party was televised, although it was not compared to the celebration that Manuel Mijares and Lucero broadcast, we can be sure that they were thrown the house through the window in this event. 

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But until now, it had not been announced how much money the vocalist and leader of the Trakalosa de Monterrey had received, who revealed all this in a video uploaded to his personal channel on the YouTube platform, where he interviewed his wife and open their hearts to tell a little more about their marriage. 

This issue came to light after the couple will remember some projects that they could not carry out because the covid-19 pandemic appeared in the world, so they could not go ahead with their plans. But it was Kimberly Flores, who mentioned that her wedding had been broadcast internationally when Edwin Luna interrupted her to make this matter very clear. 

“That they didn’t pay us. I have never clarified it and everyone believes that we received I do not know how many million pesos for the wedding, they did not pay us and we paid for the wedding, ”revealed the exponent of regional Mexican music. 

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“Nobody paid us for the wedding, nobody paid us for the wedding, no exclusivity or anything. Simply, thank God, the opportunity was given. We wanted to transmit it because even my family who couldn’t be here (that’s what I want you to understand), could see it. So that’s what it was also about, that people I love very much, that wedding would arrive and thank God, it arrived, ”explained the Guatemalan model. 

The well-known influencer also mentioned that sometimes she regrets having televised her wedding, since she experienced a lot of stress during the ceremony because she wanted everything to be perfect, in addition to receiving a death threat and having certain setbacks with her mother.

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