How much money could America make from its sale?

América could get a good amount of money if she sells Sebastián Cáceres. In addition, it would release a foreign quota.

Cáceres rose as a defensive reference in America.
© picture 7Cáceres rose as a defensive reference in America.

The pass market picked up pace America in the last days. While they have already confirmed the arrival of Jonathan Rodríguez and dream of Néstor Araujo, possible casualties also occupy a place of importance. In that line, in Spain they expressed interest in one of the elements of the campus.

In recent days, it has been reported Monumental Eagles of the interest of Getafe by Sebastian Caceres. The set of The league He has the Uruguayan defender as the main option to reinforce the first line, one of the most delicate areas of El Azulón in recent seasons. However, they have not yet reached an agreement.

What is its market value?

According to the reference site transfermarkt, the 22-year-old element has a market value of 5 million euros (about 5.4 million dollars). 70% of his pass belongs to the Coapa team, while the remaining 30% is owned by Liverpool of Uruguay.

How much are they looking to sell Sebastián Cáceres for?

According to various media, The Millionaires would seek to obtain an economic return of 7 million dollars. It should be noted that in 2020 they paid 3 million US currency for their token.

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