how much it costs and all the ‘premium’ features it includes

The one who warns is not a traitor. A few days ago details about Telegram Premium were leaked and, days later, Pável Dúrov himself announced the main news about him. Telegram Premium has already landed in Spain, and all you have to do is update the application from your phone’s official store (or update the APK to its latest version). We review all its news and price.

How much does Telegram Premium cost?

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€5.49, a month. Telegram Premium is a monthly subscription service, with a price of 5.49 euros to be paid automatically, unless we cancel the membership. A total of 65.88 euros per year to enjoy certain functions that will only be available if we checkout.

As explained by the creator of Telegram, continue to expand Telegram functions was starting to get expensive for their serversso they have tried to find a paid version for those users who want to go beyond the current limits of the app.

Features and news of Telegram Premium

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Telegram Premium comes with an important list of exclusive features for this paid version. Specifically, these are all features of Telegram Premium.

  • Sending multimedia and files up to 4GB.
  • Higher download speed: Speed ​​limits are eliminated when downloading files and documents.
  • We can follow up to 1,000 channels.
  • Connection of up to four accounts in any app.
  • Chats can now be organized into 20 folders, each containing up to 200 chats.
  • Reserve up to 20 public links
  • Save up to 400 favorite GIFs and 10 favorite stickers.
  • Possibility to write a longer biography including links.
  • Long comments for photos and videos.
  • speech to text: new button to generate a transcript of the audio we have sent.
  • Unique reactions and stickersboth in number and with additional effects.
  • chat management: new tools to auto-archive and hide new chats, as well as the possibility to choose a default chat folder.
  • Badges and animated profile pictures: badge next to name, profile video for chats and chat list.
  • no ads: Sponsored messages from some public channels will not be displayed.
  • More icons in the app: new icons for the home screen.

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How to subscribe to Telegram Premium

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To subscribe to Telegram Premium, all you have to do is go to the application settings. From the list of settings we will see the Telegram Premium option and, after making the payment, we will have our monthly subscription of 5.49 euros active.

At the moment, Telegram Premium only appears available on iOS although, predictably, in the next ones it should also appear in the Android version.

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