How much does an “influencer” charge for a publication?

How much does a influencers for a post? There is no fixed amount in the current market, but there is a local trend that can reach thousands of dollars.

This was explained by Deliana Olmo, CEO of the communications and public relations agency DOT, and Héctor Fabre, team leader of Magnet, the division of influencer marketing of DOT.

The cost to promote a chocolate bar -by way of example- may vary depending on the format of the content, such as Reels, Stories or photos.

the mics influencerswho have anywhere from 3,000 to 9,999 followers, can charge around $200 for an IG Stories set or up to $800 if it’s video, like an Instagram Reel.

The influencers with more followers, like a macro influencers with 50,000 to 99,999 followers, they can charge around $500 per set of Stories and up to $3,500 for video content.

Both noted that the costs will depend on various factors, such as followers, reach, type of content and what the brand expects from the influencers when producing the content.

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They highlighted that the content creation industry and influencer marketing is constantly changing and prices, trends and forms of collaboration can vary in a short time.

Now, have you identified the influencers that you want me to sell the chocolate bar. What is the next step? An approach is made by call or email to open the door of a possible collaboration.

“The brand is mentioned, the message that you want to carry and the deliverables that are expected from the influencers so I can send you an estimate. Sometimes, for long-term projects, a meeting is held, either virtual or in person, to present the initiative with all its details and receive feedback from the influencers so that it can quote”, said Olmo.

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