How many children does Pelé have and who are their mothers? Halftime

Edson Arantes do Nascimento “Pele” he continues to fight the cancer he suffers from, and in the middle of Christmas he was seen in the company of his children in a hospital in Sao Paulo; The question that many people ask is: How many heirs does O’Rei have? Here we tell you.

Pelé’s family in detail

the former brazilian star married 3 times; she has 7 children and not all of them are procreated within the marriage.

Kelly Cristina, Edson and Jennifer are part of their first relationshipwith Rosemeri Cholbiwith whom married in the year 1966, at the age of 26 years; They lived together for 16 years and ended up separating.

Of his children from that marriage: Kelly is a speaker and diplomat, Edinho tried to play soccer and he was a goalkeeper for Santos in Brazil, although he did not shine, giving people something to talk about due to his problems with the law, since in 2005 he was accused of money laundering and drug trafficking association.

Pele’s second wife

his second wife was Assíria Seixas LemosChristian music singer and psychologist, with whom she had the twins: Joshua and Celeste. Both currently live in the United States.

Seixas and Pelé were married in 1994 and 14 years later the divorce came.

Pele’s last marriage

Pele is currently married to Marcia Aokia businesswoman who imports medical supplies in Brazil; is of Japanese descent and Edson married at age 76.

Out of wedlock, Arantes do Nascimento procreated Flavia Christina Kurtz, as well as Sandra Machado; the first born in 1968, the result of an affair with journalist Lenita Kurtz. Her daughter is a physical therapist and is, along with Kelly, one of the closest to Pelé.

Machado was also procreated out of wedlock; She is daughter of Anizia Machado, a domestic worker. The former Brazilian star never wanted to recognize Sandra, so they faced a legal trial that the woman ended up winning, since there were DNA tests that confirmed her relationship. Finally Anizia Machado passed away in 2006, due to cancer. and Arantes do Nascimento did not attend the funeral.

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