How is Blonde, the film about the life of Marilyn Monroe that Netflix premieres

There was an abyss between private life and the public exposure of Marilyn Monroe. That’s the main theme of the movie. Blondebased on the best-seller by Joyce Carol Oates, who Netflix will premiere in Argentina on September 28. Blonde reinterprets the biography of the eternal diva according to the vision of the American writer Joyce Carol Oates.

Marilyn Monroe it only exists on the screen”, used to say the girl who was born with the name of Norma Jeane on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles. She is the one who appeared dead in her bed on August 5, 1962, 60 years ago, although she had already been dead for several hours, since the night of the 4th, according to the forensic report that performed the autopsy.

The protagonist of the film is the Cuban actress Anne of Arms, who surprises by their physical resemblance. The beautiful Louis Vuitton muse transformed into a Hollywood legend in such a believable way that she amazed from the official trailer images and Instagram photos of her.

Ana de Armas, characterized as Marilyn Monroe (Photo: Netflix via Instagram/ ana_d_armas)
Ana de Armas, characterized as Marilyn Monroe (Photo: Netflix via Instagram/ ana_d_armas)

Ana de Armas surprised by playing Marilyn Monroe

A quick look at the poster can even be confusing. With her platinum hair, barely a light blue eye under a well-defined eyebrow, fiery red lips and her unmistakable mole, she seems Marilyn Monroe. But she is the Cuban actress, dyed and styled for the part.

Cuban accent Anne of Armsinstead, it became a controversial topic when it was heard in the official Netflix trailer. From critics and journalists specialized in the life of Marilyn MonroeEven fans from all over the world warned about the foreign accent of the diva.

The girl born in Havana 34 years ago learned English only in 2015. However, for her role she trained for nine months with Jessica Drake, actress and dialect coach, to imitate Marilyn Monroe’s childlike and seductive tone.

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For his part, the director and screenwriter Andrew Dominik took almost ten years to find the protagonist of his film, but he chose Anne of Arms at his first audition. Some of the candidates had been Jessica Chastain and Naomi Watts.

The Cuban actress said in an interview to Vanity Fair in 2020: “Even though I’m Cuban, I knew I could play Marilyn Monroe. She was very excited. I liked the role of her because we always see her smile, but it’s just a part of what she felt at the time”.

Marilyn Monroe: the former athlete, the playwright, the president

The President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy; baseball star Joe DiMaggio and writer Arthur Miller were among Marilyn’s turbulent romances reflected in the film. The three characters are played by Bobby Cannavale, Adrien Body and Caspar Phillipson.

Blonde – The trailer for the movie about Marilyn Monroe to be released on Netflix

Marilyn Monroe: Unforgettable Blonde

the biographical novel Blonde, The result of exhaustive research by the award-winning American writer, it was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. It was published in Spanish by Plaza y Janés in 2000 and by Alfaguara in 2002.

Ana de Armas captured the essence of Marilyn Monroe.  (Photo: Instagram @ana_d_armas)
Ana de Armas captured the essence of Marilyn Monroe. (Photo: Instagram @ana_d_armas)

It presents the two realities of the eternal diva: on the one hand, her fragility and her depression, her pain and her insecurity, and on the other, her exuberant sexuality and voluptuousness, her romances and her weddings. Success in her career, defeat in her personal life.

The Australian director and screenwriter (although he was born in Wellington, New Zealand) Andrew Dominik directed Brad Pitt in The murder of Jesse James by the cowardly Robert Ford in 2007. And the same actor produced the new film by Marilyn Monroe for Netflix through his Plan B Entertainment company, along with Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner.

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