How Emma Watson’s life has changed since ‘Hermione’

  • It was in the year 2001 when Emma Watson became Hermione Granger

  • The actress spent her entire childhood and youth from filming set to filming set

  • But how did her life change after becoming one of the most highly rated actresses in the world?

Emma Watson She has commented, on many occasions, that the fact of becoming famous so young affected her childhood, her adolescence and, above all, her own development. The actress began playing hermione granger when he was only eleven years old. Thus, the success was such that not only did they shoot a movie of the saga, but she came to star in eight feature films.

This made his life happen between recording sets; taking private classes and having little free time. The actress, who has currently devoted herself to the defense of human rights, explained in an interview that she, on many occasions, thought that he was not going to be able to recognize himself in the mirror. That is, to differentiate between Emma and Hermione. Despite everything, Harry Potter changed his life in many ways.

Emma was born in Paris to British parents.

Emma was born in Paris to British parents.

Emma was born in Paris to British parents.Source: CORDON PRESS

emma was born in paris of the relationship between two British lawyers. Soon she moved with her mother and her younger brother to Oxford, where she became interested in the world of acting. She was in the year 2000 when the castings began for harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and one of the casting team’s biggest concerns was finding the right person for the lead roles.

In 2001 when she was chosen to play Hermione Granger

Thus, they came to Emma thanks to her drama teacher at Oxford and, After eight auditions, she was chosen. The film broke all possible records and catapulted all the actors to fame. From that moment, Emma became one of the essentials of the film.

In 2001, she began playing Hermione Granger in 'Harry Potter'.

In 2001, she began playing Hermione Granger in ‘Harry Potter’.Source: CORDON PRESS

When the saga ended, Emma turned to the defense of women’s rights

After the completion of the filming of the saga, Emma decided to continue with her acting career. Although yes, with a more sedate lifestyle. Also, she focused on the world of fashion. Yes, it is true that what filled him most at that time was the philanthropy. Thus, the young woman has become the voice of HeforShe movement and in September 2014 he gave a speech at the United Nations assembly in New York, where he defended political, economic and wage equality for both sexes. Committing, thus, publicly, to the feminism.

He has studied English Literature at Brown University.

Despite her complicated schedule, Emma, ​​in 2009, began to study English literature at Brown University. As she herself commented, she loves studying “more than anything else”. So, in May 2014, she graduated from Brown.

Regarding her private life, Emma spent two years with the financier Jay Barrymore, with whom he broke up in March 2010 due to their complicated schedules. A year later she was photographed with the actor Johnny Simmonsa relationship that would end that same 2011. In 2019 it became known that she was dating the businessman Leo Robinton.

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