“How can you afford it?”

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29.08.2023, 13:01

FCSB suffered the first defeat in this championship, 1-2 in Arad, with UTA.

Gigi Becali fined Florinel Coman €10,000

On Monday evening, he announced that Florinel Coman he deserves a fine after removal, Gigi Becali The amount that the player will have to pay has become known: 10,000 euros.

The boss of the red and blue also made a racist remark about his player.

“Koman’s gesture, also because of Gaman, that he pushed him with his elbow and did not give him a yellow card. He was already nervous and upset. What do you mean when you say he elbows me?” Coman passed the ball, dribbled and broke the rules in attack. One from Olt, another Hungarian from Cluj. I fight everyone.”– said Gigi Becali.

“I will fine him, but I don’t even want to let him bite the bone because I need him. After that, he can get angry like Miculescu, like George Popescu (not Tavi), and he doesn’t play well anymore. “But I still give him 10,000. Why? I’m 65 years old and I still watch football all day. How can you afford that?”

Where in European football has Coman ever seen Neymar, Mbappe or Ronaldo do something like that? What are you, a gypsy, how can you do such a thing? God forgive me, I’m being discriminated against too. How do you do something like that, elbow? What is this? I don’t understand.

There he got angry that I pushed him, I understand, he got a yellow card. But to go and hit … This is unacceptable. It is impossible to be a footballer and do something like that. I didn’t manage to talk to him, you tell him.”Gigi Becali also said.

UTA – FCSB ended with the score 2-1. Scored by: Andrei Fabry (18 – from the penalty spot), Godberg Barry Cooper (61), respectively, Florinel Coman (4).

The red-blues finished the match two less after the elimination of Alexandru Pantea (45+4) and Florinel Coman (84).


Gigi Becali, live on Digi Sport after UTA–FCSB 2–1

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Gigi Becali became a major shareholder of the FCSB in 2003 but invested in the red and blue group as early as 2000.

After spending more than €100 million on transfers alone and winning 12 trophies, Becali has repeatedly stated that he is retiring from football, but he never succeeded in carrying out his plan.

Moments like when he showed himself with a Dynamo scarfor the one in which he sprinkled holy water on the streets of Bucharest, but also those in which he spoke at press conferences can be seen on Photo gallery higher.

  • Under the leadership of Gigi Becali, the FCSB won 12 trophies: 5 times the title, twice the Romanian Cup, three times the Romanian Super Cup and twice the League Cup.

Super League standings after UTA – FCSB 2-1

Gigi Becali
coman florin

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