How can I vote in the Colombian Presidential Elections if I live abroad?

(CNN Spanish) — In the presidential elections in Colombia, which will be held on May 29, Colombians abroad will also be able to exercise their right to vote.

In the May elections, a vote will be taken to elect the president and vice president of the country for the period 2022-2026 in a first round. And unlike other countries, the winner must obtain half plus one of the total valid votes. If not, a second round will be held.

All Colombians who are part of the electoral census of Colombians abroad will be able to cast their vote. Here we tell you everything you should take into account if you want to participate in the Colombian presidential elections from abroad, according to the Foreign Ministry:

Since when to vote from abroad

From May 23 to Sunday May 29, Colombians abroad have the opportunity to vote for the presidential and vice-presidential elections in Colombia. The schedule established for this purpose is from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm at consulates, embassies and authorized points, according to the Colombian Registry.

250 polling stations are set up in 67 countries around the world and 1,343 polling stations will be set up so that just over 972,000 Colombians can vote, says the Registrar’s Office.

The United States, Venezuela and Spain are the countries where the most Colombian voters are qualified for the presidential elections.

In accordance with the provisions of Law 1475 of 2011 in its article 51: “The voting periods of Colombian citizens residing abroad must be open for one week, it being understood that the first day is the Monday before the official voting date. the respective election in the national territory”.

There are two dates you will need to mark on your calendar for this election:

  • Sunday, May 29: election of president and vice president in Colombia and abroad.
  • Sunday, June 19: depending on the results, the second round for the presidential elections.

Where to vote from abroad

According to the Directorate of Immigration, Consular Affairs and Citizen Service, Colombians abroad will be able to set their polling place at a Colombian embassy or consulate by registering their citizenship card up to two months before election day.

All foreign Colombians who, upon turning 18 —after 2005— processed their citizenship card at a consulate and have never registered elsewhere, will be able to vote in the place where they carried out the process.

The process to register the identity card for the 2022 elections consists of three steps:

one.- Appear at the Colombian consulate or embassy with your passport or citizenship card, either the yellow one with holograms or the digital one.

two.- Attend before the registration deadlinewhich was March 29, 2022.

3.- Request proof of your registration (form E4). It must include your registration date, identification number, place where you carried out the process and voting position.

If you previously registered at your chosen consulate or embassy, ​​it is not necessary to repeat the process. However, it is important to highlight that Only Colombian residents who have previously registered their ID may participate.

Here you can verify where your ID is registered.

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