How are the negotiations between Club América and Santos Laguna going for Fernando Gorriarán?

Thursday, November 03, 2022

After being eliminated by the Red Devils of Tolucain the Semifinals of the 2022 Liga MX Opening Tournamentit began to be rumored that the high command of the America club They would organize an important restructuring in which they would also analyze their elements to find out who will still have the opportunity to continue in the first team.

However, it was also said that the authorities of Coapa They want to make some signings to reinforce the campus and at the same time, strengthen the foundations with which they have worked Ferdinand Ortiz.

The case of Fernando Gorriarán

That is why for days there has been speculation that America is extremely interested in Fernando Gorriaranmidfielder or right midfielder born in Uruguay which has become one of the vital and outstanding pieces of Santos Laguna.

It was even mentioned that supposedly, America is willing to pay a large amount of money and they would also offer (the Warriors) a Federico Vinas as currency of exchange.

the new update

Regarding this topic, the portal Monumental Eagles He was able to learn that there is still no official rapprochement on the part of America towards Santos, so for now, the data and information presented previously, remains as a rumor.

“The Coapa team never contacted Pablo Rivero, the midfielder’s representative, while the Guerreros did not receive any offer for the player. We will have to keep waiting!” the website said.

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