How Andrea Balan met her boyfriend Victor Cornea. The tennis player took the first step: “It had something to do with spirituality”

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» How Andrea Bălan Met Her Boyfriend Victor Cornea. The tennis player took the first step: “It had something to do with spirituality”

Andrea Stanchescu. Published on 08/29/2023, 00:39 Updated on 08/29/2023, 00:39

Andrea Balan is happier than ever next to Victor Cornea. They are in a supposed relationship and enjoy everything that they are living together. The tennis player took the first step towards a conversation with the artist, after which an idyll developed between them.

Andrea Balan and Victor Kornia are inseparable.


  • How Andrea Balan and Victor Cornea met
  • The two have been on a great relationship for several months now.

Andrea Balan has a wonderful love story with Victor Cornea, a Romanian tennis player. They met on social networks at a time when neither of them was looking for something serious, but it seems that the feelings were much stronger.

How Andrea Balan and Victor Cornea met

Andrea Bălan has undergone several changes in recent years. After the problems that arose during her second birth, the artist became much more spiritual and looked for solutions on the divine side. He took many courses and went to India, to the temple.

The singer revealed on Xtra Night Show that Victor Cornea sent her a message on social media after a video was posted where he talked about spirituality. The tennis player congratulated her for her beautiful words, after which they talked until an idyll developed between them.

Andrea Balan said that she does not respond to messages in which men turn to her, because she is not interested in being won in this way.

“I was on your show and we were talking about spirituality. Then there was silence, and I could talk like that for about 2 minutes about spirituality, and you listened to me. I cut this video, posted it on Instagram and it went viral with 1.5 million (views). He was on spirituality and spiritually awakened and this video got to him on his Instagram feed that he didn’t follow me. He just left me a message: “Congratulations Andrea, you’re doing great.” I usually do not respond to messages from men who write to me “How beautiful I am” because I’m not interested. When they write to me with the aim of winning me, I am not interested, I do not answer. I don’t think it’s necessary for you to follow me on Instagram, it’s not the right place. I responded to this message precisely because it was related to spirituality, and then we started talking,” Andrea Balan told Xtra Night Show.

Andrea Balan wanted to be alone for a while

Andrea Balan chose to be single after her divorce from the father of her young daughters. She turned more and more to spirituality and made many changes in her life, and the period of loneliness corresponded to her desires.

“For the last two years, I have decided to be single because I have been in a serious relationship all my life. Ever since I was in high school, and still, a long relationship. I felt the need to get to know myself better,” said Andrea Bălan.

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