How and where to sell old and commemorative coins and notes

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In recent years there has been an increase in interest in collectible coins and banknoteswhether vintage or commemorative editions, which in turn has skyrocketed the value of these pieces.

If you save or keep in your walletor any piece that you think can be coveted For enthusiasts in the world of numismatics and notaphily, it is important that you first make sure if it has a value beyond nominal value or the metal it is made of.

banknotes and coins they can be sold for thousands of pesos if they present some of these characteristics:

  • Being a rare piece
  • To be commemorative
  • that has not been used
  • If they are serials
  • if you have any misprint
  • If they are in very good condition

If you have already verified that your coin has some numismatic value and you still do not know a place where you can sell your bills and coins, Here we tell you some places to do it physically or online. Good luck!

Where to sell banknotes and coins to collectors?

Do you keep a piece with any of the characteristics that we mentioned? If your answer is “yes”, your first choice should be go to places where there are trained people to know the real value of the pieces.

According to collector pages, the best places in mexico city are located in the Historic Center of the capital, which are Coins and Medals Palma Y Carranza numismatics.

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What is numismatics?

According to the RAE, it is the discipline that studies coins and medals, mainly the old ones.

A disadvantage that these businesses have that being specialized they will not accept any piece and you will have to be skillful when negotiating.

However, yesand your intention is to sell a silver cointhese pieces, in addition to having their own numismatic value, are also worth an investment as they are made of this precious metal.

e-commerce platforms

other alternatives sell it through e-commerce platformsthe most popular in numismatics are Mercado Libre and eBay.

To do it You must open an account and expose your piece in the best waywith the best photos and a consistent description of why it has that value, as well as a reasonable price in exchange for it.

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What is notaphily?

The notafilia is the branch of numismatics that is dedicated to the investigation, collecting and dissemination of banknotes, stamps, and paper money in general.

Once you register and put your coin up for sale, you will have to wait for a collector to add your piece to their virtual cart.


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