how about a stairwell for 29,000 euros?

An unusual purchase in the London real estate landscape

The buyer, a 49-year-old businessman named Simon Squibb, called the purchase “the strangest real estate investment in London.” This stairwell, located behind a Starbucks in the heart of Twickenham, was put up for auction and ended up selling for £5,000 more than the starting price.. It stretches over four levels, but does not have a building permit, which makes the investment even more daring.

The history of this staircase is unique. It was once associated with real estate, but after the reconstruction in 2016, it remained abandoned. Today it is littered with crates, fire extinguishers and abandoned bicycles. Despite this, Squibb did not hesitate to purchase it, although he only considered it 48 hours before the sale.

What is the future of this stairwell?

Simon Squibb, having made this atypical real estate purchase, asked himself the question: ” Now I am a happy owner of this ladder. What should I do about it? “. The entrepreneur sees development potential in this structure. He plans to create ephemeral shops on every floor, or even a meeting place for entrepreneurs. According to the real estate agency Barnard Marcus, who carried out the sale, this property has real potential for development.

The location of this staircase is also an advantage. Twickenham is an area with excellent public transport links and many shops, bars and restaurants. There is a huge demand for real estate. Simon Squibb is optimistic about the future of his investments. How he envisioned it: Many great businesses started in the garage. We start from the staircase “.

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