Hot-tempered historical drama ‘Eve’ starts airing today Ouhao Zhang Huiwen hibernates in danger and waits for dawn

Legendary historical drama, produced by Tencent Video and Xinguang Films, directed by Zhang Jiuyuan, written by Yuan Yuan, starring Ou Hao, Zhang Huiwen and Zhao Zhiwei, specially guest Shi Shi, starring Ren Yulun, Wang Yizhe and Alia. Eva is officially launched. Starting today, this drama will be exclusively broadcast on the entire Tencent Video network, and will premiere nationwide on Beijing Satellite TV. Coinciding with the start of the broadcast, “Eve Before” also released a trailer version of “Crisis” and a group portrait poster for “Crisis Unpredictable”. Lin Xi (played by Ou Hao), who was originally just a small person on TV. street, got the key by accident and were forced to get involved in complex disputes of forces. In the stream of time, surrounded by hidden reefs and it is difficult to distinguish yourself from the enemy, who should you point the gun at?

There are many scenes in the play where life hangs in the balance. The play skilfully combines a hard rhythm with a passionate atmosphere and tells the “story of belief formation” as ordinary people fought in Shanghai during the anti-Japanese war. for your ideals. At that time, Shanghai was in a period of turmoil: the hero Lin Xi and his brother Li Yunfei (played by Ren Yulong) met the hot-tempered student Su Nan (played by Zhang Huiwen) and military special agent Zhou. Yingqun (played by Zhao Zhiwei) because of a mysterious key, but they never expected that the truth behind this key is much more complicated than imagined. There are many forces at work from all sides. In the changing relationship between the enemy and us and the struggle of life and death, the eve of the eve does not know when the dawn will come, and can they finally break the enemy together? conspiracy, together stick to the ideal in your heart?

The anticipation for “a lot of drama” among all the members was building up, Ouhao Zhang Huiwen hid in the dark night and waited for the dawn.

Unlike most legendary dramas of the same era, “Eve” boldly begins the story from an outsider’s point of view. The male protagonist Lin Xi, played by Ou Hao, was originally just the adopted son of a Shanghai boss. A lonely and brave young man wandering along the pier rescued his neighbor Lao Lu from a rough road and accidentally found a mysterious key. Lao Lu was dead, but this key completely changed Lin Xi’s fate. The various forces in the Shanghai concession mobilized one by one, trying their best to get the key from Lin Xi. Faced with repeated chases and searches, although Lin Xi escaped from danger many times, he still unconsciously plunged deeper and deeper into the current situation. until He discovered that this key was directly linked to the list and the bill of lading, which were considered “top secret information” throughout Shanghai. The list could neither fall into the hands of the Japanese nor be taken away by the warlord, Lin Xi even discovered that the list actually had to do with his adoptive father. A desperate situation is so dangerous, and the phrase “What choice do we have?” in the trailer expresses the pain and helplessness of low level people like Lin Xi in a big situation.

But on the other hand, through this key, Lin Xi also met Su Nan (played by Zhang Huiwen), a passionate student who is actually an underground member of the Chinese Communist Party. This deeply affected Lin Xi’s self-esteem. growth, and repeatedly helped him resolve his self-doubt – fate is approaching him like a flood, and it is difficult to identify all those around him, and it is difficult to distinguish the truth from the verdict. It seems that only ideals and beliefs, It is the bright light that can show the way this evening.

In addition to the trailer, group portrait posters were released on the day of Eve’s premiere. The poster shows crowds of people standing together but hiding their thoughts and going about their business. Lin Xi and Su Nan sit next to each other and seriously look ahead as if they are facing several crises; while Zhou Yingqun and Li Yunfei stand behind Lin Xi and secretly peep, revealing an intriguing expression that makes it difficult to discern the position, as well as being curious about the fates of the characters of the three brothers.

The three-stage creation enhances the plot tension of the series, and the fates of the little characters reflect the feelings of family and country.

It is worth noting that “Eve” this time again innovatively adopted a three-stage form of creativity in the choice of narrative structure. The series mainly uses three important historical events from 1941 to 1949, respectively, excerpts from the isolated island period of the Shanghai Concession in 1941, before the Battle of Jinzhou in 1948, and before the liberation of Shanghai in 1949, as the story’s background as keystones. various stages of the story, the ingenious combination of small characters full of growth arcs and great changes in the family, country and world, deeply portrays the embarrassing changes in the relationship between the characters and the direction of the fates of the characters in different stages, creating a storyline full of tension, and at the same the time is fully felt. To the “legendary” place of the ardent historical drama.

The bloody legendary historical drama “Eve” will be officially launched on Tencent Video today at 19:35 and will be streamed exclusively on the entire network. The first 5 episodes will be updated. Members will update 2 episodes every Saturday-Thursday at 19:00. :35 and episode 1 on Friday. Non-members update 1 episode every day at 7:35 pm and update at 9:00 pm on the first day. At the same time, it will be broadcast on the Beijing Satellite TV Quality Theater every evening at 19:30.

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