Hospital Association admits over workload for nurses

A nurse earns an average of 37,000 dollars on the island, but in the United States it is 78,000 dollars a year.

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January 21, 2022 | | Reading time: 2 minutes

The nurses have already requested to hire more professionals in the health centers.

The Puerto Rico Hospital Association recognized today the overload of work for nurses and health employees in the midst of the pandemic and admitted that these workers are in conditions of wide salary disadvantage compared to their colleagues in the United States.

“We recognize that they are working under pressure and have more work than they should have, because we are in an emergency. With this situation we have not been able to determine how many patients are going to arrive in a day and the patients who arrive must be treated,” he said. Jaime Pla President of the Association.

Plá stated that the situation has improved somewhat in recent days because nurses and nurses who contracted the COVID-19 returned to their jobs, but admitted that the situation is still difficult.

“Our employees are not well paid and this is an important factor. A nurse on the island earns an average of 37,000 dollars, but in the United States they are 78,000 dollars a year. The difference is very strong,” Plá said in an interview. with the Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

Plá said that industry employees continue to fight each other and it must be declared that many of them are heroes. Plá admitted the complaint of nurses who have highlighted that workers who must attend two intensive care patients at the same time are attending five simultaneously.

“This may have happened because I frankly see no way out of this situation in the midst of this emergency,” he said.

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