Hoskinson outlines plans to ensure dApp security at Cardano

The Alonzo hard fork brought with it a host of new functionality for the Cardano network, especially after the integration of smart contracts. While your community has been excited about these updates, for the most part, the network has also faced a great deal of criticism for the ‘late’ release dates.

Take, for example, dApps, which according to a popular Reddit thread, were supposed to launch on Cardano within weeks of the hard fork.

Now, the process is clearly underway with the recent release of the Plutus App Backend [PAB], an out-of-chain backend service to manage and manage the requirements of dApps throughout their lifecycle.

However, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently gave an overview of how the community should “manage expectations” regarding the development and security of these dApps. On his release, he said,

“The Cardano dapps are under construction and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them on the market very soon, like in a few weeks or months.”

Hoskinson also argued that creating “high security” software with minimal risks and errors can be costly and time consuming. That is why Cardano is criticized in the market for being “too slow”. Yet he believes,

“We are moving as fast as I think any project should, given what is at stake and how much money is at stake. I will remind everyone that this year $ 10.5 billion was lost or stolen as a result of poor dApp design and internal issues. “

The IOHK executive also admitted that technological changes and human errors will ensure that some of the dApps launched on Cardano are fraudulent. In fact, Hoskinson placed the responsibility for creating foolproof dApps on the developers. He added,

“We did everything in our power as engineers and scientists to provide developers and the community with tools to distinguish between good and bad, and I would say that it is significantly better than what exists in the Ethereum ecosystem.”

He also emphasized community healing of dApps, explaining,

“The community should start working together as new dApps are announced and they develop an immune system and have a professional degree of skepticism.”

To help with this, the network will release some universal standards for community curation of dApps in the Cardano ecosystem.

Other than that, the engineer emphasized that the community should ask important questions about background and development. These should address both applications and their developers in order to prevent “back doors” and security breaches, as well as create “rewards and incentives for auditing, monitoring and retention of dApps.”

Earlier this week, Cardano increased its block size by 12.5% ​​to accommodate an expected increase in traffic by scaling the network and accelerating transaction speed and data throughput. This move possibly anticipates the implementation of dApp, which is expected to increase blockchain usage.

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