Horoscope: Predictions 2022 year of the Water Tiger

Year of the Water Tiger according to Chinese Astrology

In numerology it is represented by the number 6

2021 was a year of overcoming great obstacles, of fighting hidden or silent enemies, and this includes our great fears, trauma, and toxic attachments.

COVID-19 and its variants still limit our freedom, but we have learned to live and adapt to the changes that this battle has brought.

We unite to defeat what we believe is unfair, abusive, to defend rights and to do justice. Everything that we have started will continue to develop in this new year 2022. We will continue working to overcome everything that we have started since 2020.

Political, economic, health and education issues continue to be issues to be seriously addressed. Infrastructure issues of our countries, cyber security, space advances and warfare supported by technological and biological sciences, which continue to evolve by leaps and bounds, are emphasized.

We learned that in unity there is strength. We will continue to join forces to make big changes.

Cell phones and the media together with social networks are the strongest tools we have to reach the masses, especially the youth. Young people are inclined to take better care of the planet, to free themselves from limiting religious beliefs that separate, segregate and reject their fellow men.

Work will continue in favor of the acceptance and recognition of races, sexual and cultural preferences.

The year 2022 is to practice peace and love, justice and equality.

Signs most touched under planetary influence in the year 2022 will be:

Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Year 2022

Numerology, used as a means of divination to find meaning or meaning in numbers due to their intrinsic energy, dictates that 2022 is a special year. Composed of two triples: 2 + 0 + 2 + 2, it has very peculiar characteristics.

Number 2 by itself brings balance, unions, cooperation, but it also brings anxiety, depression, and a lack of confidence. The 2 is of the water element, which is the element of the sign of Cancer. The Moon represents it. It is full of sentimentality, changing emotions, its sense of protection is highlighted. The theme of home and family is very important.

What does the result mean when we add 2 + 2 + 2 = 6?

2022 is a year ruled by the number 6.

Those triple twos in the equation are emphasized and highlighted even more. Its power is multiplied. The number 6 in numerology highlights an introverted character. We will be more concerned with the well-being of oneself, in our mental and emotional stability to be able to help others. The number 6 is associated with loyalty and solidarity, also with extremist and controlling people.

It happens to be a year of the earth element as are the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Ruled by the planet Venus, which rules the signs of Taurus and Libra. These signs are the most influenced this year 2022, as they will dedicate themselves to enjoying their home and family more.

Many buy their dream home, others join in marriage or a permanent relationship. If there is a separation, it will be final, irreconcilable to bring peace, harmony and happiness to each one separately.

In the year 2022, unions will be in order to grow together, love each other, respect each other and protect the home that they form with love, peace and harmony.

2022 is a year to continue taking care of what we sow in 2021. Everything you started develops and advances in 2022. Your business, the purchase or construction of a home, the marriage you want to form with your partner, the child you you wait, everything is strengthened and becomes concrete as you wish and strive to achieve it.

It is a year of great humanism. People around the planet, from different cultures, languages, beliefs or religions, come together for a common good. By taking care of ourselves, we also take care of others. Charity begins in our homes.

It will be a year of great creativity, exploration and also of justice. Many famous political figures will be tried for illegal actions, fraud, conspiracies, both in the United States and around the world. Many will be surprised at the apparently good behavior of those they admired.


The Chinese New Year begins on February 1, 2022. It is represented by the Water Tiger, a beautiful, dangerous and very feared beast, a symbol of bravery and power since it possesses Yang energy.

According to Chinese astrology, 2022 will be a year of the water element, coinciding with the meaning of number 2 in numerology. A period where the world becomes more human. We protect each other. Work will continue to eliminate, eradicate abusive, unequal and separatist regimes or beliefs.

Those born in 1962 and 2022 are Water Tigers

Those born in the years 1926 and 1986 are Fire Tigers

Those born in the years 1938 and 1998 are Tigres de Tierra

Those born in the years 1950 and 2010 are Metal Tigers

Those born in 1974 are Wood Tigers

Yang energy is a very powerful one. It is highlighted by masculine characteristics, activities, and enlightenment. It is a year of great expression, movements, important actions and great changes that must be achieved for a better future. People in general will fight for a better economy and social level. Living in a minimalist way, with the essentials without wasting money on items and luxuries is part of this advance, of this new, more practical consciousness. It is better to buy a little, but of quality, than to buy a lot but that does not last or go out of style. Savings are imposed.

The colors that will bring great luck to the Tigers and that those of us who are not tigers can also use to raise our energy are: red, orange, blue, green and white.

The stones that will bring us luck: emerald, jade, rose quartz, tourmaline, and the cat’s eye and the tiger’s eye cannot be missed.

The essential oil to calm and clarify the mind is Pacholí oil.

2022 is a year where we are going to appreciate the good, the good taste is highlighted.

We will have less materially, but of better quality. It will be invested wisely in what lasts and even increases its value. Negotiations will be made with the long term in mind. People in general will give more importance to home and family, good relationships and seeking to live in harmony and peace.

It is a year of progress, of advancement, both materially and spiritually. A year that despite the economic recession that the world is experiencing, we appreciate more what we have and invest in what is essential to live better.

Famous people born who are Tigers in Chinese astrology: Gilbertito Santa Rosa, Lady Gaga, Richard Branson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cristian de la Fuente, Carlos Baute, Eduardo Berastegui, Pablo Montero, Lindsey Lohan, and Nicolás Maduro among others.

General aspects for the year 2022

The new year opens with the Moon passing through the sign of Sagittarius and changing to Capricorn on January 2. Mercury will be direct in the sign of Capricorn until the 14th when it enters a retrograde period. Venus, the planet of love, begins retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Mars, the warrior planet, will be directly in the sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter, its energy brings expansion and good luck, is in the sign of Pisces. Saturn, the great teacher of great lessons, continues in the sign of Aquarius. Uranus will be retrograde until the 17th in the sign of Taurus.

Uranus is a planet that brings a lot of rebellion and this has been seen in many countries during the year 2021 and will continue in the sign of Taurus until the year 2025. This indicates that everything that is the world economy will continue to shake. We are facing an economic depression in which we will have to be very cautious with our money. Uranus shakes our social stability, since in the absence of money we face great challenges of work, family, education and other important aspects of our society.

The governor of Puerto Rico faces great challenges in 2022 and what remains of his four-year term. Pedro Pierluisi is from the sign of Taurus, closely touched by Uranus, and Puerto Rico is ruled by Scorpio, his opposition. Governor Pierluisi is struggling with his personal and his country’s affairs at the same time. Chaos surrounds you and you need to leave behind patterns and beliefs, outdated practices from the past that no longer work.

Urano opens doors to many options, modern and effective alternatives for a better future for Puerto Rico. Scorpio is the opposite house of Taurus. Coincidentally, Joe Biden and Andrés López Obrador are from the sign of Scorpio. Putin has a Scorpio ascendant. These political figures will have to face massive movements in favor of important causes such as the economy of their countries, peace and human rights. They have already been doing it, but in the year 2022 they continue with more strength and power.

With regard to Venezuela, a year of opportunities is presented to Mr. Maduro to do a lot for his country if he decided to do so because he was a Tigre de Agua. His ascendant, Cancer, leads him to dream and lose his sense of what is really important to his country. His ideals are very far from the reality that the country is going through. Nothing happens by magic, what Maduro wants cannot happen without the Venezuelan people coming together to do it. The people of Venezuela are desperate with the situation in the country. Maduro needs opponents, he feeds on having rivals, on challenges, he concentrates on defeating what he believes makes war on him in the realization of his dreams or ideals. A new member of the opposition appears with other more successful ideas. As 2022 is a year of follow-up, that person already exists and will know how to work to recover Venezuela, but it will take time.

The four eclipses, two solar and two lunar, occur under the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. Eclipses warn of delicate moments, critical in the economic sphere, especially for these signs and countries ruled by Taurus and Scorpio, as is also Costa Rica.

The rainbow symbol will be seen even more. The symbol of hope and luck will continue to transcend and become more remarkable. The rainbow flag continues to free the world from homophobia and lead them to acceptance and love.

Jupiter in Pisces gives us the opportunity to forgive and start over. We have the strength to overcome obstacles. We can cope with the economic depression gathering strength. Jupiter gives us the confidence to move forward and keep our finances stable. We will continue to advance into the unknown. Everything mystical, esoteric is highlighted even more. The conquest of space and the mysteries that our Universe contains becomes the passion, the obsession of many.

Saturn continues to hit the sign of Aquarius hard. Saturn gives us great lessons that will keep repeating if we don’t learn them. It also gives us the wisdom and discipline necessary to make these important changes successful.

Aquarius is an air sign that needs freedom and stability. This energy leads us to changes that need structure and rules. Economic, social and political changes will present themselves with a new scheme, a new reorganization and a new vision for the future. Countries like the United States and other great world powers are already experiencing momentous changes that will affect the less developed countries.

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