Horoscope for today, November 15, 2021, of all zodiac signs

At horoscope for today, Monday, November 15, you will feel a lot of energy and a positive impulse to start the week optimally. But, if you don’t know how to channel it properly, it could lead to more than one overreaction.


As there are several planets going through water signs, associated with emotions, everything around you will be increased. This will be reflected especially in your personal and love relationships because you want to be the focus of attention; So in any discussion you have, you will want to be right and you will have very strong impulsive reactions.

As your gestures and words will be explosive, exaggerated and not pleasant, you will earn even more the rejection of others. In this order of ideas, you will add problems during the day and even more so when you consider that the bad mood belongs to those close to you.

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You are one of the most persistent and stubborn signs when it comes to achieving your proposed goals. Today, due to the meeting between the Sun in Scorpio and Jupiter from Aquarius, all this will be in expansion and you could even manifest it in an altered and exaggerated way.

It could happen that, in the face of any obstacle, you react with a lot of impulsiveness and tension, comparing yourself too much with the achievements of others. On the other hand, if you don’t know how to keep track of these comparisons, you could have a very angry day. For this reason, I recommend using the tiger’s eye stone that can help you.

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Today you wake up more focused on reviewing your goals. This is due to the crossing of energies between the Sun still going through the sign Scorpio and Jupiter that awaken in you a strong passion to obtain money. To have this kind of achievement, you could treat others without consideration.

Also, get individually involved in a business opportunity without discussing this with whom you distribute your earnings. If you manage to sit down to negotiate with them, you must do it very carefully because blind ambition would be working against you. It is a time when it is better to be silent and to change your energies.

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There are several planets going through the Scorpio sign today and they have a not very fortuitous encounter with Jupiter in the Aquarius sign. This astrological influence could lead you to have strong confrontations with your family and to manifest your rebellion without listening to their advice on the type of work that would be convenient for you to get.

You will feel that you cannot bear the lack of support in your plans to open your own company to become financially independent because you perceive that your closest relatives are cutting off your wings. It is a day of tension and unusual reactions in which you could go through arguments.

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Your goal at the beginning of the week is to arrange meetings and closings of important transactions, since if you do so, it would lead you to put aside all kinds of financial limitations. Today all this activity can become exaggerated because the Sun and Jupiter do not combine favorably.

Strong desires to make more money and wanting to get ahead of others will make you willing not to assess the risks. In this order of ideas, you could sign a contract without reviewing it or accept a financial proposal without analyzing who offers it to you. So remember to do the grapefruit ritual to attract quick cash.

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Today the Sun from the Scorpio sign has a crossing with Jupiter, generating impulsive reactions that, for your horoscope, could occur when you see the negative balance of your bank account. Your reaction would be of anger and of making a waste of energy that would take you out of your tranquility and apparent internal harmony.

If you detect less money in your credit statements, it is better that you be more discreet and before going through tantrums find out what really happened. It will be a day of great tension and unusual reactions in which you could fight with anyone who you think is hindering your financial purposes.

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Today the planetary vibrations are magnified by the different collisions with each other and because you feel the sensitivity of the Crescent Moon on the way to the eclipse. This set of influences will generate an exaggerated desire to reach the professional peak no matter what and who you leave behind and harm.

Therefore, you could act in an exaggerated way wanting to control all situations to obtain more benefits in your favor, letting yourself be carried away by your desire for success in a pretentious and selfish way. Therefore, I suggest you reconsider, since today is not a day to take financial or love risks.

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The Sun continues to pass through your sign and before its strong influence you will prefer to move away from social life and be more in your privacy. This solar energy that only flows into you will make you review certain situations from the past that cause you a lot of anger and helplessness because you have not yet found a way to solve them.

In addition, you could lose some important voucher or some type of documentation that is very valuable to you and will cause you many worries. Consequently, you will express your impulsive side in an exaggerated and uncontrolled way, as well as the desire to find the lost.

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Every day there are different planetary combinations that influence your daily life. Today those astrological influences are magnified by Jupiter that crosses the Sun through the Scorpio sign and you could make committed decisions regarding the work you do.

Throughout this journey, your anxiety will grow and you will feel that you cannot wait any longer and that this is the time to achieve your goals. In the midst of these beliefs, you could get carried away using an incongruous or risky method of insane competition; therefore, the only thing that you would achieve the anger of your colleagues.

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You do not like risky actions because you prefer to prevent situations and program your decisions. In this way, before taking them, you can better analyze the possible results and compare them with other actions in the past. However, today’s astral combinations could cause you to react in the opposite way.

This way you will solve in an exaggerated way and without measuring the risks. In addition, you will be tempted to use overly innovative methods that will not be accepted by the people with whom you work; especially of bosses. But that you will dare to challenge and implement.

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You have started this week with the strong influence of the Moon in its First Quarter phase that increases your sensitivity. In addition, the Sun from Scorpio crosses with Jupiter, which further expands your feelings, generating a lot of anxiety and an excess of energy.

This will mobilize you to solve everything pending related to your immigration procedures, either to find a job or for travel reasons. Your stubbornness will be to present everything and you could do it without analyzing or measuring the results. Therefore, I suggest that you take it more calmly and reconsider what you do well because there may be no going back.

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As you are very sensitive to everything that happens around you, among your weaknesses is the need to have more stability in your economy and to know how much money is in your accounts and how your credit history is doing. So when you share property and earnings with the family, you want everything to be very extremely organized.

However, today you will not find so much clarity in the accounts and you will detect that interest is not being shared equally, but that one member of the family group is benefiting more than the others. Here I advise you to avoid exaggerated reactions.

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