/HOROSCOPE/ Difficult day for Aries, and Libra’s plans may collapse. Problems return to Gemini

Read your horoscope for today for your zodiac sign. Find out what the stars have in store for you today.

Horoscope Aries – August 29, 2023: This is a really tough day, primarily because you won’t understand much of what the people around you are feeling, or the reasons why they behave completely differently than you expected.

Horoscope Taurus – August 29, 2023: It would be good to be patient, first of all, with yourself and listen more, see what your loved ones say. You have a chance to catch a thread that can lead you to the end of the maze in which you have been stuck for a long time.

Gemini Horoscope – August 29, 2023: Certain problems come back that you thought were solved, not to stress you out, but because those who were supposed to deal with them didn’t handle them the way they should have.

Horoscope Cancer – August 29, 2023: The problems of loved ones will become yours, for a short time, and it is better not to let them shoulder them. It is important to restore your inner balance, even if it is difficult and time consuming.

Horoscope Leo – August 29, 2023: The coordinates that helped you orient yourself will be different starting today, but those that appear now are not new, you know them from experience. It’s good to start getting oriented so you know what to do next.

Horoscope Virgo – August 29, 2023: Your plans, your confidence in your chances of achieving them, and your relationships with people who could help you are changing starting today. It may seem complicated to you, but it’s not.

Libra horoscope – August 29, 2023: Certain plans that you worked on may completely collapse or you yourself will abandon them, because the people who contributed to their creation are no longer close to you.

Scorpio horoscope – August 29, 2023: Partnerships are entering another, more difficult stage, but this is not new at all, you have been facing these problems year after year, for several years now, at about the same time.

Sagittarius horoscope – August 29, 2023: Work and health will require more attention from you, more resources. There may also be sudden changes that will affect your lifestyle in every possible way.

Horoscope Capricorn – August 29, 2023: Your pleasures and passions are entering a phase of limitation and change, a sign that it’s time to get on with the big stuff and leave the lighter worries for other occasions.

Aquarius horoscope for August 29, 2023: The solid foundation you have so far relied on to make plans is starting to falter, and you will have to start all over again, at least with plans for home, family, housing, and comfort.

Pisces horoscope – August 29, 2023: The signals you receive from those around you start to look very different from what you might expect. This is not a problem unless you allow these differences to become a constant source of stress.

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