Honda releases new Giorno+ retro scooter, potential competitor to Yamaha Grand Filano


AP Honda Thailand officially introduces a new classic scooter called the New Honda Giorno+. The new Honda Giorno+ has a 125 cc engine, so it can compete with the classic Yamaha Grand Filano scooter.

Quote from the page great bikersIn Japan, the Honda Giorno is usually sold with a 50 cc engine. But in Thailand, the latest Giorno gets a new engine upgrade 125cc, ESP+, 4 valves, liquid cooled.

New Honda Giorno+ Photo: Doc. AP Honda Thailand

In terms of appearance, the New Giorno+ differs from previous classic Honda scooters such as the Scoopy. If the Scoopy looks cute, then the New Giorno+ has a large body like a Vespa or Lambretta scooter. In its class, the New Giornio+ competes with the Suzuki Saluto and Yamaha Grand Filano.

Speaking of features, the new Honda Giorno+ is equipped with ABS (anti-lock braking system) on the front wheels, a smart key system, full LED headlights, a USB charging port and a fully digital instrument cluster. The luggage compartment under the scooter seat is also very large, it can accommodate a wide variety of luggage.

New Honda Giorno+ Photo: Doc. AP Honda Thailand

Speaking of pricing, the New Honda Giorno+ starts at 61,900 baht (26.8 million rupees) for the standard variant, while the top model with ABS is priced at 66,900 baht or the equivalent of 29 million rupees.

This price is similar to that of the Yamaha Grand Filano in Thailand. In the country of the White Elephant, the Grand Filano is also offered in two variants: the standard version costs 64,700 baht, or the equivalent of 28 million rupees, while the most expensive version, equipped with ABS, costs 69,200 baht, or 30 million rupees.

Given the fierce competition in the classic scooter segment, it is possible that Astra Honda Motor (AHM) will also sell the New Giorno+ in Indonesia as a complement to the Honda Scoopy.

New Honda Giorno+ Photo: Doc. AP Honda Thailand

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