Honda Prelude 36 years old with less than 7,000 km was sold at exorbitant prices |

August 28, 2023, 20:29

The Honda Prelude was a Japanese model that was welcomed with open arms from the start, even though it didn’t seem to follow the canons previously set for sports coupes. The car was front-wheel drive, adopted the technical underlay from the Accord, but somehow, thanks to the comfort, simplicity and build quality, combined with generous equipment, managed to captivate the public, which has always treated it with respect. One such Honda Prelude, released 36 years ago, was recently sold for a sky-high price, which is hard to believe that it can be attributed to ordinary Hondas of the 80s.

The special feature of this second generation Honda, released in 1987, is the fact that it has only 4,200 miles, which is equivalent to about 6,800 km. In addition, this is a Honda Prelude, unlike any other model of its era, which was fortunate enough to have been well preserved during this time.

Under the hood, the car has a 2.0Si engine, 4-cylinder, but it is curious that there is another 12-valve engine here, that is, 3 valves per cylinder, codenamed A20A3.

This generation of Prelude already featured retractable headlights and was the first Prelude model to adopt them. Naturally, there is also a panoramic roof characteristic of this model.

The shape of the rear is already classic for Honda and in general for Japanese cars of those years. Rectangular but of excellent proportions, this model also had a small trunk spoiler to emphasize its sportiness.

This car already had a multi-link suspension on the rear axle and disc brakes on all four wheels. The engine produced 110 hp, but given the size and weight of this car at the time, it was enough to drive it nicely and dynamically.

The condition of this instance is simply impeccable, not only in the cabin or on the visible part of the body, but also from below, when the car is raised. And when you get a classic 37 year old Japanese car that looks so good, you start to understand why someone paid a whopping $79,000 for it at a recent US auction!

Yeah, seventy-nine thousand on that Honda! Incidentally, the car has an original 1987 bill, and at that point, with all the generous extras, it cost $15,154!

The buyer wished to remain anonymous. But he’s certainly made a purchase that will keep his money growing just by keeping this car while he enjoys seeing it in his garage and maybe even driving it.





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