Home – Abroad – A plane with a burning chassis landed in Atlanta

The left tires of a Delta Boeing 757 arriving at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia caught fire during landing. writes USA Today.

Almost 200 passengers had to be evacuated from the plane. Footage posted to social media shows passengers using an emergency inflatable slide to exit the plane.

The Delta team was extremely organized and professional, there was no panic.

said Bruce Campbell, one of the plane’s passengers.

Fortunately, all passengers managed to leave the plane. According to the FOX 5 television channel from Atlanta, one person was injured.

Delta Air Lines said in a statement that one of the aircraft’s tires caught fire during landing and parts of the landing gear became hot. Passengers were evacuated via emergency slides and taken to the terminal by bus.

They apologized to everyone and added that nothing is more important than the safety of passengers and crew.