“Hollywood cheek” surgery

  • Surgeon Andrew Jacono, who has operated on Marc Jacobs, among others, assures that he is performing triple the number of this type of interventions than in other years

  • The model Chrissy Teigen is one of those who has acknowledged having undergone this intervention

  • In December there was a peak of Google searches and comments on social networks

The removal or reduction of buccal fatknown as a bug, is a cosmetic surgery intervention on the rise at the end of 2022. In recent weeks, conversations on social networks have multiplied, searches on Google (with a peak of interest in Google Trends on December 11 in United States) and comments on which Hollywood celebrities have undergone this operation.

It is an intervention for extract fat from cheeks, so that the cheekbones are accentuated by creating a hole in the submalar area of ​​the face and a more elongated facial figure is generated. Buccal fat also generates a greater bulge in the lower part of the face with age and there are people who undergo this surgery to avoid this effect. Some surgeons have warned these days that it can also have the opposite effect in young people, causing a premature aging of the faceespecially in people who have facial flaccidity.

The model Chrissy Teigen is one of those who has acknowledged having undergone this intervention. In other cases (from Jennifer Lawrence to Brad Pitt) it’s all comments, rumors and comparisons of photographs.

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Dr. Andrew Jacono, who has operated among others on Marc Jacobs, has assured the New York Times this month that is achieving three times as many buccal fat reductions as in previous years. He charges 37,000 euros for the operation, although in other clinics it is performed for prices of around 7,000 euros.

This is a surgery that is performed under local anesthesia, making incisions in the inner wall of the cheeks, through the mouth. It is quick and does not require hospital admission, although as it is an area where there are numerous bacteria, it is necessary to be careful with infections.

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