Holguín authorities recognize a sabotage against a state ranchón

The Municipal Assembly of People’s Power of the municipality of Rafael Freyre, in Holguín, recognized that a state facility in that territory was sabotaged early Friday morning, when strangers set fire to a ranchón located at the entrance of that town.

In a note on his Facebook wall, the local government avoided mentioning the term “sabotage”. However, images that circulated on social networks from the early hours of the day showed the facility on fire and a fire engine trying to put out the fire.

According to the official note, “a fateful event happened in the early hours of this August 5 in our municipality, however, the prompt action of the community’s residents made it possible to protect the basic means and resources of the State of the Rancho Villa unit, located at the entrance of the town.”

“Today the workers are already taking the first steps, so that together they can recover the unity where many Freyres enjoy together with family and friends,” said the local government, which showed photos of people cleaning the facility destroyed by the flames.

Without offering other details, the text ends: “The acts of violence are not the solution to the problemsacts like these leave much to be desired of the people who execute them and the people of Freyrense are a people of peace, of love, they are supportive, respectful, educated, fraternal, hard-working. The people of Rafael Freyre strongly repudiate this fact. We are from Homeland or Death. Overcome!”

In the publication’s forum, Arleys Romere, from Holguin, wrote: “Acts like these make us stronger, let them laugh, let them enjoy if they liked the gesture that takes away moments of family unity from that brave people, but let those who do it know they did not achieve anything by doing this, sooner rather than later that same pretty, beautiful center will return to action. Yes for Cuba, yes for the Revolution”.

And Omar Tejeda joined: “We are sure that they will not last long on the street. Hard hand with the terrorists, worms, opponents. Long live the revolution! Down with terrorism!”

But in the forum itself, José R. Arias Díaz recalled, in reference to the Civic Day for Change in Cuba, convened last November by the independent civil society platform Archipiélago and frustrated under repression: “Well, but I think they asked for permission some time ago for a peaceful march and they didn’t allow it. And you know what is taught in the History of Cuba, what the solution has always been. There are historical precedents.”

This is the first time that the authorities recognize a sabotage against state entities in recent months. However, in the midst of the long blackouts that have been going on for more than two months throughout the country, Images of alleged fires and stoning against stores in MLC or product warehouses are frequent circulating on social media.

This same week, a fire in the archive of the Central Havana Court was claimed on networks by The New Cuban Nation in Armswhile official profiles recognized that an individual attacked the Marianao government headquarters, also in the capital, with stones.

Likewise, There are almost daily posters with anti-regime slogans in public places, as evidence of popular anger against the Governmentwhich is also verified in around thirty documented protests in at least 13 provinces since mid-July, in which hundreds of people demand everything from the restoration of electricity to rights and democracy for all Cubans.

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