“History will judge them”: now Adán Augusto López launched himself against legislators

Adán Augusto López Hernández in the Congress of Aguascalientes (Photo: Segob)
Adán Augusto López Hernández in the Congress of Aguascalientes (Photo: Segob)

Adam Augusto Lopezhead of the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), continues on his work tour in order to promote the approval of the constitutional reform that will extend the Army’s work on public security issues until 2028.

This Thursday, November 3, he visited the Congress of Aguascalienteswhich is made up of a majority opposed to the project of the Fourth Transformation and, without voting for it yet, has already outlined the refusal of the reform.

For this reason, the person in charge of the country’s internal policy launched himself against them, becauseHe assured that history will be the one who judges them for your decision. And it is that, in that sense, the former governor of Tabasco has been involved in constant confrontations with various political figures regarding security in the country.

It was in the legislative chamber that the secretary expressed: “I know that you already in commissions discussed and -in a negative sense- voted on the minutes of the opinion that he sent in Union CongressFor this reason, although part of my task is to comment on what the initiative has, I come here -as a citizen and as a Mexican who loves his country- to make a call to their conscience”.

The Tabascan asked the deputies of said that vote in favor of the initiative initially proposed by the caucus of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) on the Chamber of Deputies.

“Today, therefore, let us make the call to conscience, because just as it is written in gold letters in this congress, so history will end up judging us all and will judge us by our actions, by our vote and, of course, for the recognition of national unity”

Aguascalientes is one of the first states governed by the opposition that the official visits, after days of traveling through Morenoite entities in which the initiative has already been voted on and approved. It was in this sense that the governor, Teresa Jimenez, who was present at the act inside the Congress, declared:

“We offer generosity, but also firmness and convictions, tolerance and intention to add at all times; we expect reciprocity. I believe in the force of ideas and not in ideas by force”, she attacked.

Meanwhile, López Hernández, despite the sung refusal in the legislative hall, limited himself to defending the reform to be discussed. “I want to tell you that the Mexican Army, the Armed Forces of this country are an Army of peace and that the speech of the militarization in the country,” he said.

“There can be no militarization when the command of the Armed Forces is held by a civilian, democratically elected by the vast majority of Mexicans in the past electoral process, more than 30 million votes”, justified the candidate to be the next president of the republic.

However, it was on October 17 that the man from Tabasco -in a meeting with legislators from Mexico City- accused that when he listens “bloodbath” think of entities governed by the opposition, such as Jalisco, Guanajuato or Aguascalientes.

It was those statements that led him, at first, to antagonize governors like Enrique Alfaro Y Samuel Garcia; the second, to whom he repeatedly sent offensives by the Civil Force of his state.

Said conflict with the Monterrey governor ceased last Tuesday when Adán Augusto went to the Congress of Nuevo León, although before that, he met privately with the Nuevo Leon president at his Government Palace and they showed smiling, hugging and even joking before the cameras.


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