His new game will mark a before and after in the industry

I don’t know of any other video game producer besides Hideo Kojima, that captures all the attention of people just by opening their mouths or posting a post on some of their social networks. Currently, as we know, he is working on a new project whose main face is that of actress Elle Fanning.

The face of the actress recently came to light after being hidden under a poster titled ‘Who am I?’ and that continues to generate expectation, because nobody knows what game it is exactly. Regarding this new project, Hideo Kojima himself has made it known that its development will mark a before and after in the video game industry, as well as adding that it is a game he has wanted to work on for a long time.

What is known about the Hideo Kojima project

  • The game will star actress Elle Fanning.
  • The lines of the poster in which the face of the actress was shown, It bears similarities to those of Death Stranding.
  • Rumors surround a second part of Death Stranding or a horror game. ⭐
  • Hideo Kojima has not offered more details about it about your new project. 👎
  • If this is successful, it will change things, not only in the video game industry, but also in the film industry.said the famous producer. ✅
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