His ex would take refuge in the US, he fears for his life

The Internet has been rumored for years the love life of the famous singer of regional Mexican, Jenni Rivera, many assuring that she received mistreatment as well as many infidelities from the father of her daughters.

José Trinidad Marín is in prison after the interpreter denounced him for improper approaches to his daughters Chiquis and Rosie when they were little.

The trial generated many opinions on the Internet but the famous did not rest until she received a sentence and reached prison, she could never forgive him, although her daughters did.

After this I believe in love once again and found Esteban Loaiza, the baseball player she married in the year 2010.

After being two years together, he was betrayed again and it was rumored that the famous would separate from him because Chiquis Rivera placeholder image I was maintaining a relationship with him.

Of course, the accusations were denied at all times by Chiquis but the situation could never be clarified and only a few months later was when it happened that he lost his life.

This is how in 2012 the band’s diva got ahead of us on the road after her plane crashed with everyone on board.

For this reason, Chiquis Rivera has had to be carrying that guilt of knowing that her mother never knew the truth that she did not make the wrong move she thought.

Esteban Loaiza / Instagram

Esteban Loaiza seeks a better way of life in the US.

Esteban Loaiza was also in prison after a sentence he obtained of 36 months for admitting possessing 20 kilos of substance, white powder, that he would distribute in the United States.

After serving his sentence this past August, he was released for good behavior but was deported to Mexico.

However, since the 49-year-old man was released, he has been making a request to the government of the neighboring country seeking political asylum, this because he is afraid of his life living in Tijuana.

Esteban Loaiza wants to recover his life and do things well but living in the United States, this would be the reason why he wants to take refuge there and seek to live better.

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