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Who is Metin Hara? That is the question that the followers of the Turkish actress ask themselves Hilal Altınbilek, after the photographs in which they are seen together and shopping in Akmerkez, Turkey. The protagonist of “Bitter land”, Along with Uğur Güneş, was approached by the press of her country, which has speculated more about the possible courtship between the two public figures.

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The ottoman interpreter The 31-year-old has been related to several colleagues on various occasions, but until now it was thought that she was single. The artist, who began her career in 2011, would not only be living one of her best moments in the performance but also personally.

Altınbilek would have been in a romantic relationship with Kubilay Aka, the also actor and star of television series such as “Love 101” and “You are my homeland”. The rumors began with some photographs in which they appeared together and with a very close attitude.

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The actress has also been paired with her co-star in “Züleyha”, Uğur Güneş. The chemistry on screen made many think that something else may have happened between them, but this was never confirmed. Now the Turkish press has strong evidence that Hilal would be in a relationship with Metin hara, when approached when leaving an establishment.

Actress Hilal Altınbilek has participated in the soap opera "Bitter land" with which he had great international fame.  (Photo: Tims & B Productions)
Actress Hilal Altınbilek has participated in the soap opera “Tierra amarga” with which she had great international fame. (Photo: Tims & B Productions)


Metin hara, who would he be Hilal Altınbilek’s boyfriend, the protagonist of “Bitter Land”, is a famous turkish writer who was previously a couple of the Super model brazilian El Secreto de Victoria, Adriana from Lima.

Hara is considered a self help book guru. In addition to having published several books of that nature, he is an asset influencer where he also shares tips and ideas of that type. His Instagram account has more than 302 thousand followers.

Today, the 38-year-old public figure has been photographed with Hilal Altınbilek, when they were shopping in Akmerkez. The actress, when asked by reporters about their relationship, only said “everything is fine”.

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Another member of ” Tierra Amarga ” the one she has been associated with for a long time is 61-year-old actor Kerem Alışık. Although both denied everything, a Turkish medium revealed that the stars were living in a rented house for August 2020, a fact that was confirmed by their neighbors.

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Born in Izmir, Turkey, but with Albanian ancestry, the 30-year-old actress He moved to Istanbul very young, where he began his theater studies and decided to dedicate himself to art. Before his time on television, Hilal I participate in Beauty contests, staying in the top 5, and also did some modeling work.

Since I was a girl, Altınbilek knew he wanted to act. It was during college that he began his first roles in small productions; however, his debut was in “Derin Sular“, In 2011. Two years later he would get a role in”Black rose”, Gaining more recognition in his native country.

Other productions in which he participated are Hayatımın Aşkı” and “Çocuklar Sana Emanet”. He currently embodies the role of Züleyha on “Bitter Land”, A role with which he has gained great international fame. Proof of his enormous success is his Instagram account, where he has nearly a million followers.

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