“High School Mom, Dad 4”, powerful ex-husband: “Attacked my wife who was full-term? I live after being hit”

Money Today reporter Lee Eun | 2023.08.03 22:16

Ryu Hye Rin “Ex-husband, constant drinking, assault, offensive language”… “Give me child support”
Ex-husband Mr. A “There is no evidence that he did not beat”, “Paying alimony every month, paying all overdue”

/Photo: Broadcast screen of MBN’s ‘High School Mom and Dad 4′ that adults don’t know’

While Hye-rin Ryu, the “teenage mother”, appeared in “High School Mom 4” and exposed her ex-husband, who is the “1.6 million influencer”, her ex-husband, Mr. A, denied the content of the broadcast.

On the 3rd, Mr. A posted on his YouTube channel, “I am a YouTuber who attacked my pregnant wife…? In several videos titled “Please Stop and Read,” he revealed his position on the reasons for divorce, alimony, and lawsuits.

Mr. A said: “To some extent, I understand, because broadcasts only need to show good ratings, and not verify authenticity. Actually, I don’t think I wanted to be confirmed. If I wanted to be confirmed, the broadcast would not air until the facts were confirmed.”

He then complained about the injustice, saying, “On the air, (I’m) being portrayed as a ‘man attacking a full-term woman’ on internet news” and “Am I crying because I’m unfair?”

Mr. A insisted that his ex-wife, Hye-Rin Ryu, beat him, saying, “This man had bad hand habits.”

He said, “I was also hit in bed that day. I was sick and upset, so I threw a pillow at the man. “Look at you too! How painful it is” and hit the man hard on the knee. when I checked, the man’s knee was bruised,” and remembered the past. Then he said, “I hit in the stomach. In my pregnant wife’s belly? Why are you making me do this?”

Regarding the part where he used to drink, insult and insult, Mr. A said: “I usually drink, insult and insult” and “I like alcohol very much.

In addition, Mr. A. insisted, “I got married because I had a child, but we fought a lot after the wedding.” During pregnancy, they promised to have sex once a month, but even after giving birth, Ryu Hye Rin refused the relationship, and due to conflicts, they divorced.

He said, “We divorced by agreement,” and asked his ex-wife Hye-Rin Ryu, “But why is it not my fault, why did we divorce by agreement, and why did you give me 3 million won as alimony? ?

/Photo: Video of Ryu Hye Rin’s ex-husband, Mr. A, on YouTube

At the same time, Mr. A said, “Alimony is now paid regularly on the 11th of every month. All alimony that was not paid and was not paid was paid. payment of alimony.

Mr. A said, “There is no evidence in the photo that Ryu Hye Rin didn’t hit her stomach when she was full term.”

He continued, “The reason I didn’t reply when I saw the email that came from the broadcast was because I thought I wouldn’t broadcast it if I couldn’t confirm the truth, and how I edited ‘agro’ (provocative I didn’t want to be a victim, so I forbade him from appearing on the air, but he said that he had already finished filming.”

/Photo: Broadcast screen of MBN’s ‘High School Mom and Dad 4′ that adults don’t know’

Meanwhile, on MBN’s variety program “High School Mom and Dad 4 Adults Don’t Know” that aired on the 2nd, a “teenage mother” who gave birth at the age of 23 and is raising a two-year-old daughter (mother under 24, which is the youth standard under the Youth Support Act). ) Ryu Hye Rin appeared.

On this day’s broadcast, Ryu Hye Rin revealed that while living alone with her younger brother after her parents divorced, she became A’s mistress, whom she met at work at the age of 23, began living together and registered her marriage. .

According to the reenactment drama, composed from Ryu Hye Rin’s point of view, Mr. Ah drank and attacked Ryu Hye Rin every day, and was also attacked or forced to sleep while she was pregnant.

In addition, in order to increase the views of Ryu Hye Rin’s videos after giving birth, Mr. A made unreasonable demands, such as saying, “You slapped me on the cheek” and slapped me, and “Are you going to or do me a favor? It’s really useless.” Along with insulting words, etc., he even shifted the blame to Ryu Hye Rin.

Ryu Hye Rin, who decided to get a divorce for her daughter and ran away from home, announced that the divorce was finalized in 2022 after filing divorce papers in a divorce in 2021.

Hyerin Ryu, who spoke about her daily life of raising her daughter, told fans of her ex-husband A, an influencer with 1.6 million, that she suffers from malicious threatening comments.

Ryu Hye Rin told a friend who had been visiting her home for 10 years, “Initially, child support is 500,000 won, but sometimes I give 300,000 won, sometimes I give 200,000 won, and sometimes I change the date. way,” and then sued her ex-husband.

Ryu Hye Rin told the film crew, “When my ex-husband first uploaded the video, I showed up as well, and the fans who saw it knew I was a married couple. I posted it on (social network). my ex-husband sued me for defamation when he said the video made him a person who doesn’t pay child support.”

Ryu Hye Rin appointed a lawyer, and thanks to the evidence she gathered, she was sentenced to non-extradition, but Mr. Ah subsequently did not release a video of the result, stating that threatening malicious comments continued.

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