Hideo Kojima breaks the silence on the conspiracies of Abandoned and Silent Hill

Hideo Kojima has first commented on conspiracy theories linking him to the development of abandonedthe horror video game from Blue Box Game Studios that has been accused of scamming, in a recent episode of their Spotify podcast, Brain structure, in which he has addressed this issue together with Geoff Keighley. “Users keep sending me pictures of this Hasan. they still send me collages and false images, like twenty a day, it’s really a bummer“, comments the head of Kojima Productions.

“When we did the Moby Dick thing, you [Geoff] you were in the whole thing, and it was pretty funny, but people should know they won’t do the same thing twiceadds Kojima. The “Moby Dick thing” refers to a fake study Kojima created before the announcement of Moby Dick. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. At the time, this fake development studio called Moby Dick Studios published a trailer of The Phantom Pain and quickly those who saw said trailer realized that the fake game logo had cutouts that fit the words “Metal Gear Solid V”. That is why not a few players thought that Blue Box Game Studios could be a fake company created by Kojima himself to announce the resurgence of silent hillsalthough this ended up being completely denied after the celebration of Silent Hill Transmission.

Kojima has never contacted Hasan.

I have never talked to Hasan, the game has not been released yet. I don’t think there’s much I can do or say right now. But if he releases the game, people might understand it, so maybe he should hurry up to release it,” concludes the Japanese creative. abandoned. It is said that the game is on an indefinite hiatus because its managers are looking for financing and Hasan insists that it is a real project and not a scam despite numerous uncovered evidence to the contrary.

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