“He’s not going to wake up anymore”: Carmen Salinas’s godson says that the actress suffers “irreversible damage” | Univision Latin America News

The journalist Jorge Nieto, godson and friend of Carmen Salinas, revealed that neurologists have said that the stroke caused “irreversible damage” to the actress, which will probably prevent her from waking up again.

“The stroke has irreversible damage, it was indeed in the brain stem, unfortunately what is the function of the body’s organism of awakening is the most affected […] No longer going to wake upIt is what they are informing us, “Nieto said by telephone to journalist Azucena Uresti.

According to the godson, three different neurologists have assessed the condition of Salinas.

“There were three neurologists who visited Carmen Salinas here in the hospital. Today a tomography was done at the request of these three specialists […] and they all agree with the diagnosis. “

However, the godson also left room for hope and claimed that, despite everything, a “miracle” may still exist. According to Nieto, neurologists tell her the same, since “her organs and vital signs are working normally” and she is breathing on her own.

Carmen Salinas’ stroke is inoperable

The 82-year-old actress continues to be hospitalized in Mexico City, after suffering a stroke early Thursday morning.

Gustavo Briones, Salinas’s nephew, and who was also his manager and right arm, told the Hoy program on Televisa that a neurologist outside the health center where he is being held assured that Salinas’s stroke is inoperable, but that they don’t lose hope that she can react.

Briones added that on the last visit, he and his cousin were able to observe a slight movement of his lip, although it continued without progress. He explained that they are only giving him pain medication.

This Friday a mass was held to ask for the recovery of the beloved actress, which was attended by many well-known people and people from the world of television, the press, etc.

What is known about the health of Carmen Salinas


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