Here’s what happens when a 180 cm tall passenger passes through the LRT Jabodebek gate


The Jabodebek LRT manager apologized for the size of the train doors, which are designed for residents with an average height of 160 cm. What then happens if residents over 160 cm tall want to enter the LRT car?

monitoring Detikkom At Dukuh Atas station, Central Jakarta on Tuesday (29/08/2023) passengers were observed to start gathering at the station around 1700 WIB. Several passengers looked down as they passed the LRT doors.

One of the passengers who looked down as he was about to board the Jabodebek LRT train was Iqbal. He claimed to be 180 cm tall.

Iqbal seemed to have to look down as he passed the LRT door. If you pass the door while walking straight ahead, Iqbal’s head will hit the top of the door. However, Iqbal was able to stand right in the Jabodebek LRT car.

When a resident of 180 cm tall is about to enter the gates of LRT “Yabodebek” (Kurniavan/detikkom)

In addition, apparently, the passengers asked the officers to make sure whether the train arrived at its destination or not. For information, the Jabodebek LRT train departing from Dukuh-Atas has two final destinations: Harjamukti in Depok or Jatimulya in Bekasi.

As you know, the gates of the LRT train “Jabodebek” are in the spotlight because they are considered too low. Jabodebek LRT said the door and train sizes were designed to accommodate the average height of Indonesians.

“So it’s related to existing facilities, it was designed by friends from INKA. This railway complex for passengers is really like that, the standards are the same. The height has been adjusted to the average height of Indonesians,” said Jabodebek LRT’s head of PR, Kusvardoyo, at Dukuh Atas Station on Tuesday (August 29).

When a resident of 180 cm tall is going to the door of LRT “Yabodebek” (Kurniavan/detikkom)

Kusvardojo reported that there were foreign nationals (foreigners) who had difficulty entering and staying in the LRT. He apologized for the inconvenience.

“Like yesterday, we also had passengers who turned out to be foreigners, up to 2.1 meters tall. They even stooped to get in,” Kusvardoyo said.

“Of course, we apologize, because this construction is intended for citizens of our country, whose average height is 160 cm,” he said.

Watch the video: try the Jabodebek LRT train from Kawang to Harjamukti.


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