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Here's How Much Lidl Olive Oil Is Really Worth According To 60 Million Consumers And UFC What To Choose!

Not all olive oils are the same. And Lidl is also the subject of controversy between 60 million consumers and Que Choisir.

Lidl olive oil is considered to be one of the best olive oils on the market, which is why olive oil is preferred in comparison tests. But is his success really justified? We summarize with you…

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Lidl is one of the most popular retail chains in France. Its success is due to low prices all year round for products that, even when sold at reduced prices, remain of high quality.

The German brand needs no introduction. Founded in France in the late 1980s, it has become important place for shopping with an increase in purchasing power.

Proof once again this month with unbeatable offers. For example, this electric grill, which competes with everyone on the market with its low price and performance thanks to its 2400W power.

This is a link to have quickly if you’re planning on indulging in some good grilled meats this summer. But Lidl’s surprises don’t stop there. You still have a lot to learn by visiting the store.

To always enjoy your summer days, treat yourself to this essential beach chair. inflatable, he Can be used as a chair or lounger according to your wishes. And its price does not exceed 12 €!

When you shop at Lidl, you are guaranteed that your money will pay off. And in these times when inflation destabilizes the most fragile budgetsThis has no price!

As we have already said, the quality of the products offered by the brand is very often present. Even institutions like 60 million consumers feel free to applaud the efforts of the brand.

The renowned magazine also recognized Lidl’s Primadonna Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the best value for money.

How Much Does Lidl Olive Oil Really Cost?

A rating that surprised many, but is easily justified by the qualities of this oil. Because it is not only cold pressed, but also First of all, it does not contain pollutants.

However, not everyone agrees with Lidl’s 60 million consumer assessment of olive oil. Because on his side UFC – Que Choisir takes a completely different view.

In another comparison magazine, olive oil doesn’t even reach the average rating. But then why such a difference in this product, which clearly separates?

According to UFC-Que Choisir, there is no disagreement. Actually this is a misinterpretation. Because they really two different olive oils that have been tested.

While 60 million consumers looked at Primadona’s “regular” olive oil, Que Choisir analyzed the organic version. So it’s normal for opinions to differ.

Because the oils analyzed by Lidl simply do not match. This explanation is intended to reassure consumers who no longer understand anything!

“Whom to believe? “The consumer that I am is completely lost! »we may have heard of these somewhat destabilizing comparisons.

On the other hand, the two comparator magazines agreed oil, which they both rated positively. This is the “Top Budget” olive oil, which can be found in Intermarché stores. For both, this product is of high quality. We are relieved!

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