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The Mossos d’Esquadra have activated a search engine with the 476 fraudulent websites identified in an international investigation of a network of false assumptions brokers, specialized in investments of all kinds, also in cryptocurrencies. The police suspect that at least 17,000 people could be among the victims of the international network, dismantled in early November in a joint operation with the Civil Guard and seven other countries. With the search engine, the Mossos offer citizens a way to check if they have been affected by the activity of this network and also to prevent future deception. Thus, from this Thursday, the Mossos website, in the Services and Procedures section, has a section to consult the list of investigated websites, although it warns citizens that the fact that a website is not on the list does not it means that it is safe to make investments since it may not have been detected during the police investigation.

More than 17,000 people may have been victims in Spain of this international criminal network of scams, accused of obtaining illegal profits of 2,400 million euros, dismantled in Albania, the epicenter of the organization, and other European countries in an operation coordinated by Eurojust . The modus operandi of the criminal organization was very specific: some false brokers they contacted potential victims from call centers located in Albania, which pretended to have great knowledge of the world of finance and offered great benefits from small investments. In reality, the police maintain that they were scammers who tricked their victims through social engineering and manipulation techniques into making investments in web platforms controlled by the criminal organization.

The initial contribution was 250 euros. the fake ones brokers they made the victim believe that they had made great profits and convinced them to continue investing. On some occasions, they even made small deposits of money from the supposed benefits, which increased the feeling of security and in this way they returned to deposit more money. But those investments in the foreign exchange, raw materials or cryptocurrency markets were never carried out, according to the Mossos and the Civil Guard. Something that the victim discovered at the moment in which she asked to withdraw all the money from her. The alleged scammers feigned bad investments in which all the gains were suddenly lost, or they demanded extra payments to prolong the situation. Even, in one more plot twist, when the relationship between the broker and the victim was broke, they posed as lawyers who were going to help them recover their money, and they continued with the scam.

In this process, the Mossos and the Civil Guard detected the 470 websites. One of the trademarks investigated is EverFx, whose various websites appear on the Mossos list and are no longer active or refer to other different websites. The brand sponsored the Sevilla soccer team for three seasons. A way, according to police sources, to give credibility to the company and build trust. Among the pages collected by the Mossos d’Esquadra there is also the website of Intercertus, the company with a license from Cyprus, under which the EverFX trademark operated.

In the event that the website used by a person appears on this list, the Mossos advise going to a Catalan police station to file a complaint. So far, the balance of the police device deployed on November 8 and 9 in Albania, in which some thirty agents of the Mossos and the Civil Guard participated, is six dismantled call centers and the arrest of the two highest responsible for the organization. Three other people are in search and capture, including the owner of the call centers in Albania, a person of “high value”, according to the Mossos, who had advised the country’s Ministry of Defense.

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