Here is the wedding video of Vera Toth: this is how Gabor Kraus felt in the magazine

As Metropol has repeatedly reported: Vera Tokh and her lover tied the knot as part of a large-scale party.

Gabor Kraus was also present at Vera Toth’s wedding. Photo: Gabor Markovic.

Initially, we wanted to get married in Palkonje, on top of a mountain, in the open air, on the wine estate of our friends, the Haraszti family.

With the help of our decorator Anita, we have already chosen, booked, ordered and fully assembled the entire wedding, except for two days before the wedding, all our previous work came to an abrupt halt. It turned out that instead of 30-degree sunlight, judgment time will comealthough we asked the farmers what to expect. Didn’t go” what the singer said earlier in a previous article we wrote

While Vera Toth is currently working on starting a family and focused on having childrendark clouds are gathering over his sister, Gaby Toth. He and Gabor Kraus have officially stated that their relationship is over and that they are preparing for a divorce, and although they will continue to raise little Hannarosa together, they do not wish to live under the same roof in the future. The celebrity chef has already moved out of his newly acquired joint home, and now there are rumors that Gabir has found love again.

A few hours ago, Vera Tot posted a video of her stormy wedding, which shows how all the big and big stars are celebrating the love of the singer. One of the main characters, of course, is Hannarosa, who runs around the stage cheerfully and excitedly, and Gaby Toth is also gorgeous in a beautiful bridesmaid dress.

Gabor Kraus appears several times in the video Photo: Instagram

However, sharp-sighted people will easily notice that Gabi Toth’s abandoned lover, Gabor Kraus, also appears several times in the video. When exactly Gaby and Krausch finally decided to divorce is unknown, but it is already known for sure that they both attended Vera’s wedding. However, it’s also worth noting that Gaby and Gabor weren’t side by side in any of the shots. Gaby sometimes acts as a bridesmaid, sometimes she has fun with her little daughter, but she never shows herself next to her husband. For this reason, many people assume that their relationship may have ended at this stage.

Gabor Kraus did not appear on Gabi’s page / Photo: Instagram

The wedding video of Vera and Zola can be viewed HERE.

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