Here are the worst shampoos for health and hair according to 60 million consumers! – Tuxedos

Here are the worst shampoos for health and hair according to 60 million consumers!

Some shampoos are hazardous to health and the environment. Discover the brands to avoid, according to 60 million consumers.

Do you want to pay attention to the composition of your cosmetics? Discover shampoos at do not buy according to 60 million consumers. We tell everything from A to Z!

Products hazardous to health?

Nowadays, consumers are becoming more and more attentive to the composition of products. In fact, we all tend compare brands find the best health alternatives. Such is the case with cosmetics, which becomes a real concern for the French.

Studies have shown that most commercial products pose a health risk. Therefore, it is important to know toxic substances in order to exclude them from our beauty routine. But how to understand all the brands available on the shelves?

Many sites like Yuka help us see things more clearly. Indeed, experts are not shy compare all cosmetics set ratings. They then denounce brands that don’t live up to current standards.

A few days ago, the magazine 60 million consumers sounded the alarm about an everyday product. The media warns of the danger shampoos which are still unhealthy.

Beware of Some Commercial Shampoos

The experts decided to conduct a survey to find the worst shampoos on the market. Then they compared more 37 different links. They are based on very specific criteria. They also use CosmetoScore, the Nutriscore equivalent for cosmetics.

The results of this study are irrefutable. Is there really big differences between brands of shampoos. Some foods should even be eliminated from your diet. And for good reason: they are dangerous to health and to the planet.

The expert says: Shampoos are still rich in preservatives… Conditioners… In pollutants but also in surfactants“. Therefore, it is very important to be very careful when choosing products in order to limit the risks.

To do this, the review contains 2 brands that are not worth buying. Bad students – shampoos from the Loreal group. These are the ranges more AND Garnier. Both of these lines contain many dangerous ingredients such as benzyl salicylate.

Also check out some baby shampoos which are far from safe. The only product rated ‘natural’ still gets a C rating.” Due to the combination of irritating and sensitizing ingredients and quaternary ammonium, which is hazardous to the environment.”

Like what, it’s not so easy to find an alternative good for your health and safe for the planet.

60 million consumers warn

60 million consumers advise 3 brands preferred to avoid all risks. The big winner is none other than Yudi, a natural and vegan brand. His Minmond Milk Softness prebiotic powder shampoo received a very good rating.

For small budgets, the magazine also recommends shampoos from the brand. Auchan with the product “Cosmia” for children. There are also DIY kits with a very good composition under the Waam brand.

Therefore, analysis of compositions is important when it comes to choosing v.bone shampoos on the shelf. Therefore, this list should be very helpful for you in the future if you want to take care of your health.

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