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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds They are one of the most beloved celebrity couples in Hollywood and, although we know that nothing will surpass the day they recreated their first anniversary, the truth is that the photos of each of their outings are once again all the rage among fans and end up becoming news . The couple’s last date captured by the cameras has been at the Tribeca Film Festival with the aim of support her friend Taylor Swift. The singer presented her short film ‘All Too Well’ and the marriage of actors did not want to miss it. Once there, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively became the absolute stars of the event that was held at the Beacon Hotel for her summer looks.

Blake and Ryan appeared as romantic as ever hand dice and they captured all the spotlight and attention dressing with a fresh and carefree style completely appropriate for the occasion.

The ‘looks’ of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds on their last date

Blake opted for a white dress Strappy neckline and low back combined with ‘nude’ heels with studs on the toe and back. In addition, she accompanied her ‘outfit’ with a leather bag and several long necklaces of beads and gold. Ryan, meanwhile, was wearing jeans. straight in a black button-up shirt over a white t-shirt, white trainers and black-rimmed glasses.

And refering to his relationship with Taylor Swift, It should be noted that Blake and the singer have been friends for years. In fact, the actress was even invited to direct one of the songs on Swift’s album Red (Taylor’s Version), which was released in 2021.

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