Heineken Spain strengthens its wellness program for employees and family members

Heineken Spain

Happiness doesn’t have a secret formula, but it starts with feeling good about yourself. And in times like the ones we live in, in which mental health services are increasingly in demand in Spain, the Yellow Day (considered the happiest day of the year) reminds us of the importance of taking care of this fundamental aspect of our well-being. Aware of the magnitude of this social problem, which according to the WHO already affected almost one billion people worldwide before the pandemic, HEINEKEN has been working for years on its policy of Health & Wellness concretized in the world program HEI-Lifewith a comprehensive approach: physical, emotional, professional and social.

“At HEINEKEN Spain, caring for People is one of our values ​​and we celebrate it with our heads and hearts. We strive to put available to our collaborators tools to contribute to the management of their day to day”it states Monica Zai, People Director at HEINEKEN Spain. To this end, the company has initiatives such as the Healthy Mindfocused on offering a holistic solution to its nearly 1,500 employees and their families, offering a complete plan of initiatives that range from mental health, legal and financial advice and support in family matters.

The provision of these services has been very well received by its employees, reinforcing their peace of mind and their sense of commitment and belonging to the company. Proof of this are the results of the latest company climate survey, with 9 out of 10 employees feeling proud to work in the HEINEKEN Spain family; and external certifications such as MERCO Empleo, MERCO Empleo Universitario or the rankings of the best companies to work for by Actualidad Econmica and Forbes, which highlight the brewery as a great place to grow.

Healthy Mind: a program focused on emotional well-being

The program Healthy Mind gives all HEINEKEN Spain employees the tools to face the challenges of daily life. Among them, stands out a psychological care service confidential and anonymous, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all of your employees and their families. In addition, this program includes specialized care services in social work, couples and family, balance between professional and personal life, digital detox and even legal support and financial advice.

The formula is complemented by the health program that seeks prevent common and serious diseases such as cardiovascular risk, the flu or COVID-19, as well as favoring the detection of cancer. A program with a preventive approach, which includes a own medical service and options highly valued by its employees, such as the possibility of having a second medical opinion, home pharmacy, private prescriptions…

Flexibility and conciliation: smartworking and digitization

The current context has led to an increase in digitization, a trend that HEINEKEN Spain takes special care of so that being better connected does not imply having to be always connected. To this end, the brewery has promoted measures such as its digital disconnection manifesto, the Digital Wellbeing programthe weather in green -which marks the end of the day- and the time record.

In addition, it has launched a model of smart working hybrid and flexible (for employees whose role makes it possible), co-created with them, which allows them to choose when to telework based on their personal needs. Thus, each person can distribute their 64 hours of telecommuting per month as best suits them, from a few hours a day to full days, within the established working hours. And you can already work remotely from July 1 to August 31. The success of these initiatives is reflected in the company’s latest internal survey, in which 97% of the responses indicated that they were already using the hybrid modality and 9 out of 10 claimed to be more productive.

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