Heels often hurt when you wake up. What are the symptoms of gout?



When I wake up, my heels hurt too much for me to touch them or walk on the floor. He keeps showing up every morning. Is that really a sign of uric acid, Doc?

What are the typical symptoms of gout that are easy to recognize, Doc?

Jamaludin (male, 33)


Heel pain on waking can be caused by a number of conditions, such as inflammation of the underlying heel tissue (plantar fasciitis), stress fractures, an enlarged and protruding heel bone, or inflammation of the tendons behind the heel. .

Factors that can increase the risk of heel pain are being overweight, standing for too long, being physically active, and anatomical/congenital (congenital) factors that cause the calf muscles to become stiffer and shorter.

On the other hand, elevated uric acid is not a typical cause of heel pain. Pain, which is usually accompanied by swelling due to uric acid, is most often felt in the big toe and is usually noted with a history of eating high purine foods such as red meat, nuts, or seafood.

In very rare cases, the accumulation of purine crystals can also be observed in the heel area. A detailed examination of the heel should be carried out by an orthopedic specialist in order to correctly determine the source of pain.

In addition, it is also important to have periodic blood tests to detect an increase in the level of uric acid in the blood, which can cause inflammation of the joints due to purine crystals (gout).

You’d better see an orthopedist right away if your heel pain doesn’t go away. Hope your heel improves.

Dr. Jessica Fiolin, Sp.OT

orthopedic doctor

Pondok Indah Hospital – Pondok Indah

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